BB Squid Q – The Fog @ Poshlands 12.19.20

In the pre-blast I pointed out that a lot of the Christmas songs drive me crazy. They start their relentless repetition sometime in October, I think, and don’t stop until the tree is removed and all signs of the holiday are gone. I found a weinke that someone built around the twelve days of Christmas. It was my plan to see which was worse, the song on the radio or the F3 version.

I showed up just in time to watch Jitterbug proudly plant the Ghost flag in between the US flag and the Fog flag. It was quite a sight to behold on a brisk Saturday morning in the park. Because of the Ghost flag, I was now very unsure of how many PAX to expect.

Turns out, either no-one knew where the flag was or no-one wanted to put up a fight this morning. So the PAX was a comfortable 8 members deep after Greenwich rolled up and nearly double our attendance with a single carload.

Jitterbug (R)
Greenwich (R)
Squid (Q)

I gave the disclaimer and made sure we didn’t have any FNG’s. Macaw had only posted once before, so I let him know we would explain the exercises as we went along.

We circled up, stretched out and warmed up with some typical movements and then took a mosey around the parking lot.

Once we got back to our coupons and rucks, I explained today’s thang. We would go through the 12 Days of Christmas, F3 style.

The Thang:
On the ____ day of Christmas, my Posh Q gave to me…

  1. Merkin w/ your ruck on
  2. Man Makers
  3. Overhead Presses
  4. Simple Squats
  5. Four Count Flutter Kicks
  6. Body Weight Merkins
  7. Rucks a Thrusting
  8. Front Hold Lunges (Only count one leg)
  9. Big Boy Sit Ups
  10. Rucks a Curling
  11. Mountain Climbers (Only count one leg)
  12. Monkey Humpers

Once we made it through, and after only a couple poor attempts at actually singing the song, we took another mosey around the parking lot.

You know the only thing worse than these Christmas songs? The fact that they play on repeat for weeks on end! Because of that, I felt it only right to repeat the song.

We made it to the monkey humpers on our second pass, but the clock spared us just shy of the final round of Front Hold Lunges.

We caught our breath and circled up around the trio of flags.

COR, NOR, Announcements (Dare to Care, Blood Drive and Iron Horse), and Intentions (Watch out for the people around us, find a way to reach out in any way possible).

As always, Posh is a grand ol’ time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we reached a conclusion regarding the two versions of the age old Christmas tune. One assaults our ears and one provide a pretty solid physical beatdown.

Until next time,


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