BB AAR Doomed to Repeat @ the Gardens

What we did) 

Doomed To Repeat, AO Gardens

14 HIMs Hollar,Huggies,DianeDukes,Jewel,NattyLite,UncleRico,Nino,Gipsy,Catfish,JimmyNeutron,NiceandSlow,Domino,WideRight,Focker(Q), all present and accounted for. 

Enemy spotted in and around the area of the pump station, intel reports, possible ambush along any likely avenues of approach. HIMs are to clear the area, move to contact, engage with and destroy the enemy.

0530 COP)

Began with 10 Nuclear’s led by the numerically challenged Q, at the operational rally point(ORP). Cadence was on point. We then began a presence patrol (steep and swift mosey around St. Pats) and reassembled at the ORP once the immediate campus of St. Pats was determined to be clear of enemy presence. We regained our composure, re fitted (pick up our coupons) and began a movement towards the area intel reported enemy sightings. Once we successfully made it thru a short patrol in the woods, down the road and across the tracks the point man reported an enemy flag placed at the top of the parking lot by the pump station and a mortar tube. All man collapsed into a 360 degree field of security. The enemy initiated the ambush with their most casualty producing weapon, ManMakers, and 14 HIMs immediately reacted to contact and got after it under the leadership of one another and the Q. 

0540 Main Body WO began)

Doomed to Repeat a ladder style workout all reps weighted

5 MM rush to enemy position

5,10 WMDs, rush

5, 10,15 Squats, rush

5, 10, 15, 20 ELFs, rush

5,10, 15, 20, 25 lunges, rush

A lot of groaning and grunting was heard as the man fought courageously and they began boosting one another’s morale with mumble chatter.

5, 10, 15,20,25,30 skull crushers, rush

5,10,15,20,25,30,35 step ups, rush

0605 5 minute warning announced. Calls to the gunship overhead (Catfish) for CAS were made and a surge of fire from the good guys commenced. It looked like it might just happen.

5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 curls, rush

But the clock proved to be too much.

reps 45 high knees, 50 bent over rows remain incomplete. 

0610 CAS called Remington, then Bingo… 14 HIMs retreated from the area under withering enemy fire .

0611 We followed an avenue of departure away from the enemy location into our ORP and began COT.

0615 COT)


COR, NOR, all present and accounted for. Announcements: Don’t forget the blood drive and Dare to Care. Intentions and prayers for all those spoken and unspoken, HIMs dismissed with orders of Carpe Diem. Proud to have led and served the HIMs of AO Gardens. An honor gentlemen! Colors retrieved and secured.

How to Improve) hotwash


All HIMs fought courageously and without waver. Catfish was the lead element on this exercise and led his HIMs from the front shouting encouragements to his men. Motivation and Morale were strong. You each embodied the definition of a HIM.


We must continue to work on and improve strength, endurance, and weighted reps. Our HIM numbers were down from our previous engagement with the enemy (Doomed to Repeat WO), from 15 to 14. We need more able bodied men to answer the call. We must complete this ladder another day within the time frame given. Who will answer the call? Who will save us from our enemy? We have more men in the F3 Louisville brotherhood…

Bar established

Doomed to Repeat(WO) lives to fight another day!

Focker over out

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