LePew’s BB from 12.31.20 The Agony @ The County


  • Honey Do
  • Asian Zing (R)
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Iceman (R)
  • Mr. Hat
  • Bug Bird
  • Le Pew (Q)

It’s the last WO of the year and I wanted to complete a collective goal of performing 100 flutter kicks in cadence nonstop since January 2nd. This goal was inspired by Iceman who always outlasted the PAX in flutter kicks every morning. Throughout the year we have incorporated flutter kicks into almost every workout, and today was the day to hit it.

We began the a mosey, but only four PAX were in attendance to start because other were blocked by the train. The four of us made our way around campus then, under the cover of the overhang performed the first round of flutter kicks.

We blew through our goal of 100 and made it to 115 as a group, but Iceman pushed through that hurdle and made it to 120 on his own. Incredible.

After that Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping” started playing and we performed a burpee every time we heard this lyric: “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.”

This pretty much sums up F3 this year. No matter how difficult it was, collectively we’re stronger together and won’t let anyone stay down. The way we lift each other up is special.

It was then on to Tabada:

  • 25 second on, 15 second rest, 8 sets
    • Hernia Bulgers
    • Bent Over Rows
    • Overhead Press
    • Skull Crusher/Dips
    • Curls (only got in 5 sets)

Then we closed it out with more flutter kicks. This time, 100 in cadence and the PAX knocked them out.

As you set your goals for 2021, just remember that you can only control so much. It’s pivotal to remain humble so that you can recognize when to call an audible, and go left when you planned on going right. Success, happiness, and fulfillment are more often-found in pursuit of a goal. So enjoy the ride, and avoid tunnel vision because you never know what extraordinary things lie on the path you least-expected to traverse.

2020 was a path no one expected to take, but when the Q called out “flutter kicks” in a WO, it brought a bit of joy. We climbed the flutter kick mountain, but there are many more peaks out there to summit.

Giddy up!

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