BB: 1.6 Gisele Q – Foundry @ The County

2021 and this was the first of two Qs this week at the County. Second Stop and First Q of the week was the Foundry. I had already over the past weekend that it was going to be simple for Arms, Legs and a bit of core. I was even more jazzed up after Le Pews Boondocks Tabata on Tuesday that this Tabata on Wednesday was going to be a double dose.

PAX: Brown Water, Motor Boat, Pelican, Tidwell, Bob Ross, Big Bird, Natty Light, Methane, Meter Maid, Devitto, Wildflower, Le Pew, Asian Zing R, Gisele -Q

Weather: Cold slightly cloudy

We started with some SSH, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps and a quick lap

Main Thang: 8 rounds of Tabata with rinse and repeat for 2 sets

1/5 Curls/Overheard Press

2/6 Big Boys/Bench Press

3/7 Lunges/Squats

4/8 Manmakers

As we were on the first set of Manmakers my Alexa, not that Alexa, went haywire. I believe it is because the Wednesday morning wake up earlier run fun club showed up during this time.

As we finished the rounds Le Pew made a call out that he paid for his version of Tabata so it tells you what round you are on. We all took our turns adding our voice while Bob Ross and Devitto played name that town. “Moving to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches” certainly sounds more like a song you would hear at the Boondocks. If Pelican needs a new job he can do your Tabata voice overs.

CoR/NoR -> Announcement and Intentions. Really great inspiration from Motor Boat on the need for us to continue to wrap our arms around others and get them out here….the cover might not show what is really in the book. While the calendar has turned to 2021 the challenges of 2020 continue. While the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel it is up to all of us to rally to get there… together.

Until tomorrow, I am Gisele.

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