The Bridge BB – 1.6.21 w/ Jewel

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I love the smell of merkins in the Gloom, smells like victory.

0530 – Disclaimer given. Not a professional, no formal training, modify as needed, but do the work. Don’t cheat yourself. This is meant to be hard – push yourself to get better. Off to the coupon lot…
Weather – 32ish deg – not nearly as cold as it has been, or will be. Pretty refreshing actually.

A dozen PAX:
Stick Up
Nice and Slow
Iceman (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Ladybird (R)
Jewel – QIC

On Monday I overheard Catfish talking about a challenge Abacus threw out – 50 burpees/ 300 merkins every day in January. Sounds stupid. I’m in. Now, how to fit that in a weinke… I did this in my hotel in Peoria, IL yesterday – yes, in the hotel gym. It was downtown – and ice and snow everywhere, sue me. I broke up the 50/300 to 10 burpees/ 50 merkins with a .5 mile run. But figuring out the .5 mile loop at Posh wasn’t very easy, so I audibled for the ~.37 mile loop using the coupon lot and splash park lot out to the road. But then as I drove home I got to thinking, the PAX deserved more, they needed more…MANMAKERS!! and some additional burpees!

Mosey w/ coupons to the coupon lot.

SSH x 20 IC
Toy Soldiers x 10
Grass Grabbers x 10 IC
Michael Phelps/ Kendra Newmans
Downward Dog/ Runners Stretches

10 manmakers/ 50 merkins – PAX were encouraged to change up merkin styles to get through the 50 (derkins/ wide merkins/ any other available option they saw fit – just don’t cheat the form)

Run the loop

Repeato to complete the 50/300 – but the math doesn’t add up

You guessed it, EC 10 manmakers to complete the 300 merkins.

0610 – mosey to flag for some mary

BBS x 20
Pickle pounders x 20

Time –

I totally screwed up the order of NOR, announcements, intentions. My apologies, you’d think it was my VQ.

Prayers for our country, Ladybirds M in DC, and all intentions held privately.

As always, very humbled to lead such incredible HIM.


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