BB: 1.9.21 The Nest @ The County

Its Saturday 7AM and you know what that means!. When I was a kid it was froot loops and cartoons now it is exercising in the cold doing a bunch of silly stuff with great men. In all seriousness it was 2 years ago I was eating Froot Loops, maybe 2 bowls and watching tv on the couch saying gosh I gotta lose weight. That is a sad clown for you. I am glad my friend Kyle Roy known as Le Pew kept on me to get out there. I love every minute of F3, this morning it was a double dose with a pre-ruck. It is not always easy, it is early, but the relationships I have built are strong and my fitness is now important to me.

Today the back blast is that of my 2 year postiversary. Many great memories, different Qs, things I liked, some more than others. I was struggling on that to do as I wanted to make today memorable. In the end it is about the company of the PAX who surround me.

Asian Zing (R)
Le Pew
Lucky Charms
Big Bird
Brown Water
Jolly Rancher
Water Works
  Super Soaker (2.0)
  Squirt Gun (2.0)
Mama’s Boy
Gisele (Q) 

As the clock hit 7am time for my disclaimer to some runway music. I proudly wear my TB12 Pats jersey. In fact I am predicting a Bucs (still can’t believe he is a Buc) victory tonight to move into the divisional round. We started on a mosey to out on the road and to the upper lot of the school.

The first exercise I ever did at F3 was jumping jacks… I mean Side Straddle hops. I just watched others my first day to figure it out. This morning our Side Straddle Hops is going to be 75. We are going to break at 25 and 50 to stretch our legs. 75- this is the amount of weight I carried on this body before F3. That is 300 sticks of butter…. Or about 3 Cinderblocks/Coupons. Add in some Grass Grabbers and Toy Soldiers.

Thang 1: The Burpee Mile. I hate Burpees so I want to do some but not the entire mile. So we will do one Burpee each light pole all the way down Mount Mercy. Since basketball is in full swing we will do a Bobby Hurley climb on the way back. Adding one for each light pole on the way back.

Thang 2 The duoble Main Event : We will head back to the main lot. To keep numbers small we are going to split into 2 groups and do some distant partner work.

Group 1: Dora in Main Lot

100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

Group 2: Gym Hill Bear Crawl Dora

100 Vups

200 Lunges

300 Plank Jacks

Once each group is done we will flip

As the groups finished up we helped eachother hit 300 squats and plank jacks…no man left behind.

We finished up with some Mary as the church bell tolls.

CoR/NoR -> Announcement and Intentions. This weekend is two ways F3 gives back. Zing, LePew, Backflop were all heading out to dare to care. In addition, Sunday is freed to bleed an F3 blood drive. Just this week I got a alert my blood with in Ponce Puerto Rico helping those in need.

In closing today was my prayer and call to action for the PAX. 2 years ago, I was overweight, struggled to put on my shoes, borderline diabetes, depressed about how I felt but did not know how to start. Today I put in 12k steps before 8am, 30lbs on my back for 3 miles, bear crawled a hill 4 times. There are others who need this and we need to wrap our arms around them an be persistent in our pursuit in getting them to join us. I love my brothers and beyond grateful LePew (Kyle Roy) helped bring them into my life.

Always strut the runway-  Gisele.

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