1.9.21 Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O

We started with 13 PAX for the Pre-Ruiner Ruck which was sweet. The complainers left, and another crew rolled in for the normal Ruiner Beat Down, 18 in at the end of the day. Several showed up for Violet’s final post in Louisville, which turned out to be a total lie just to boost the numbers on a Saturday!

PAX: Shyster, Gollum, Handbook, Motor Boat, Maxi, Vincent (R), Touch and Go, Violet, Old Bay, Timber Wolf, Russdiculous, Plumb Bob, Snowman, Harry Carey, No Nuts, Whitney (R), Stick Up (Q)

COP: We took a lap around the tennis courts, down the road and circled up in the school parking lot for the following: 25 SSH (IC), 10 Grass Grabber (IC), 11 Toy Soldiers (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), Downward dog, LR Calf, LR runners stretch, 15 Mountain Climbers (IC).


5 on a die, increasing reps. Corner 1: Lunges, Corner 2: 4ct Monkey Humpers, Corner 3: 4-ct Jump Ropes, Corner 4: 4ct Vincent things (reverse plank pick one foot up then the other like flutter kicks. If done right really burns out the hammies), Center cone: Bobby Hurleys. Start at the first one with one rep. Run to the center for two reps. 3rd cone – 3 reps, center cone 4 reps, etc. We continued this pattern until YHC’s group reach 26 reps and then the PAX lined up on one side of the parking lot.

THANG 2: Bear crawl across to the parking barriers, 25 High knees (IC) or in Plumb Bobs world until his neighbors stop, crawl bear back to the start. Repeat decreasing the High Knee reps by 5 until we reach 5 reps. Run two laps around the horse park fence.

THANG 3: 5 on a die, increasing reps. Corner 1: 4ct Flutter Kicks, Corner 2: 4ct Gas Pumps, Corner 3: 4ct LBCs, Corner 4: 4ct Rosalitas, Center Cone: BBSUs. Same pattern as THANG 1. After reaching 26 Reps in the center line up on one side of the parking lot.

THANG 4: Bear Crawl across, 4ct SSHs x 25, crawl bear back. Repeat and decrease number of SSH by 5 each round. Time was approaching the end so the PAX did one lap around the horse park and headed back to the flags.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks (Thank YOU No Nuts!).

It was an honor to lead these HIMs on this cold morning. The numbers were great and the mumble chatter was on point. A lot of fun was had during these 60 minutes and I appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this thing we have going on out here. THANK YOU GENTLEMEN!

Until the next time,

Stick Up

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