BB-The Cliffs @The Garden – 1.12.21 – Diane Dukes

It was a beautiful morning in the Garden, I wondered how many PAX would post after the College Football Championship Game where Bama rolled OSU. But that didn’t deter these maniacs – PAX were Wide Right, Schlitz, Uncle Rico, Bacon, Subprime, NattlyLite, Catfish, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, SweeTart, Jewel, Gypsy, Nino, Domino, Viking, Husky (R), and Instadoodle. Oh yeah, and The Garden still has the Ghost Flag.

Circled up gave disclaimer, social distance then mosey to parking lot to circle up for COP. First exercise was SSH, grassgrabbers, runners stretch, then 5 burpees.

Thang 1: AMRAP 15 reps of each of the below with coupon

Man makers





After you completed the above, run to garbage cans of Hill of Stolen Souls and do 15 Merkins. I think everyone got in 3-4 rounds, my arms were gassed, not sure about everyone else. This looked better on paper, was a bit brutal, glad I changed it to 15 reps the night before instead of the 20 I had previously put down.

Thang 2

We lined up and did 3 rounds of 100 yard sprints in the lower parking lot. Then circled up for aborama until time was called at 6:15am.

Jewel liked the music, I put it on random and we got Tyler Childers, (2) Widespread Panic, Beastie Boys, and Phish.

Announcements, intentions, and message – ended with a prayer.

Enjoyed it,

Diane Dukes

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