BB – 6/13/22 – The Incubator @ Posh – Diane Dukes Q

When I arrived at around 5:15am I noticed quite a few cars already in the parking lot. At first I thought our numbers were going to be huge but then quickly realized that Fit4Moms were back out. The Moms heard I was Qing and wanted to come and watch how not to lead a WO.Continue reading “BB – 6/13/22 – The Incubator @ Posh – Diane Dukes Q”

BB – 6/9/2022 – Cloverfield – The Garden – Diane Dukes Q

Disclaimer given, 12 PAX in all. Wide Right, Natty Lite, Mountain Momma, Subprime, Nino, Jewel, Jimmy Neutron, Meter Maid, Tin Can, Elliptical, Snap On, and YHC. Moseyed to parking lot and circled up for SSH, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, imperial walkers, downward dog, Kendra Newmans, and Micheal Phelps. Moseyed to base of stolen souls toContinue reading “BB – 6/9/2022 – Cloverfield – The Garden – Diane Dukes Q”

BB – The Bridge at Posh – 1/12/22 – Diane Dukes Q

We had a much warmer morning that the past few days, it wasn’t in the teens so that was good. PAX – Edward Scissorhands, Ladybird, Emma, Stick Up, Huggies, Buzzsaw, Dynomite!, and Big Bird! Circle up for COP with SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog then moseyed to the bridge. Couldn’t get the BluetoothContinue reading “BB – The Bridge at Posh – 1/12/22 – Diane Dukes Q”

BB – 11/16/21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden – Diane Dukes Q

Great turnout, it was great seeing everyone come out. PAX Jewel, Jitterbug (R), Ted Striker, Catfish, Subprime, Glow Sticks, Husky (R), Corningstone, Natty Lite, Bacon, Wide Right, Nice and Slow, Nino, Huggies, Wet Bandit, Stick Up, Edward Scissorhands, Wabbits, and Jimmy Neutron. Total of 20 HIM’s counting me. I gave the disclaimer and moseyed toContinue reading “BB – 11/16/21 – The Cliffs @ The Garden – Diane Dukes Q”

BB – Temple of Gloom – Diane Dukes Q – 11/4/21

First Q at the O, thanks Handbook for the hospitality. PAX attendance – Harry Caray, Worm, Sump Pump, Flo Jo, Tron, and Handbook, great seeing everyone, thanks for coming out. At 0530 started off with the Disclaimer COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Runner Stretch, Mountain Climbers, Michael, AMRAP, Finish an exercise, then run the small loopContinue reading “BB – Temple of Gloom – Diane Dukes Q – 11/4/21”

BB – 3/20/21- The Fog @ The Posh – Diane Dukes Q

First time Qing at the Posh, posted there several times just never Q’d. Both Jitterbug and Stick Up reached out sending apologies for not being there, all good brothers, next time. Beautiful morning to post, PAX were F-stop, Iceman (R), Bacon, Wapner, Yoshi, Holy Roller (R), Uncle Rico, Minnow, Subprime, Wet Bandit, Husky (R), NattyContinue reading “BB – 3/20/21- The Fog @ The Posh – Diane Dukes Q”

PB – 3/20 – Diane Dukes Q – The Fog @ The Posh

Come out to the Posh tomorrow for a 0700 start, we will run and do some coupon work. Afterwards we have a burpee mania extravaganza to celebrate and hopefully raise more money for Moms helping Moms. I believe we have raised $1,775, trying to get to $2,000. So that’s 2000 burpess split up amongst usContinue reading “PB – 3/20 – Diane Dukes Q – The Fog @ The Posh”

BB-3/11/21-Cloverfield @ The Garden – Diane Dukes

What a great morning, 62 degrees, felt amazing at the Garden. I was expecting some tanks but none yet. I stepped into this Q yesterday to help out Husky who had to give it up so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been. Good turnout 15 PAX including myself. HandyContinue reading “BB-3/11/21-Cloverfield @ The Garden – Diane Dukes”

BB – 2.22.2021 – The Silo @ North Posh – Diane Dukes

First time Qing at North Posh, I was worried that there would still be ice so I got there early to check it out and the site looked great. No snow / black ice on the parking lot or front hill. PAX included – Viking, Catfish, Minnow, Jimmy Neutron, Jewel, and myself. Circled up inContinue reading “BB – 2.22.2021 – The Silo @ North Posh – Diane Dukes”

BB-The Cliffs @The Garden – 1.12.21 – Diane Dukes

It was a beautiful morning in the Garden, I wondered how many PAX would post after the College Football Championship Game where Bama rolled OSU. But that didn’t deter these maniacs – PAX were Wide Right, Schlitz, Uncle Rico, Bacon, Subprime, NattlyLite, Catfish, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, SweeTart, Jewel, Gypsy, Nino, Domino, Viking, Husky (R),Continue reading “BB-The Cliffs @The Garden – 1.12.21 – Diane Dukes”