BB – 1.16.21 – The Hurt at The Mutt w/ Jewel

I GOT LARRY FLYNT OUT ON A SATURDAY. How do you like them apples?! The rest of this is completely secondary. Also, this was my VQ at the Mutt.

0700 – Disclaimer
0703 – The final Mutter shows up

Brave PAX:
Diane Dukes
Soft Top
Cousin Eddie
Glen Ross
Larry Flynt
Peeping Tom
Fallguy (R)
Wham-O (R)
Jewel – QIC

I have a great friend who is recovering from foot surgery who I’ve been trying to HL for a while, the original plan was to mosey to his house (on Elmwood) and do a bunch of dumb stuff in his yard, but with the snow, I called an OMAHA, and we moseyed around the block. When we got back to the Mutt grounds, we circled up for COP:
SSH x 20
5 Boyos
Toy Soldiers x 10
5 Boyos
Abe Vigodas
5 Boyos
Downward Dog/ Runners stretch
5 Boyos

Thang 1:
I had set out cones (~50yds) apart. We did an out and back
Obamas – 4 bear crawl movements/ 4 merkins ->
Lunge walk back <-
Broad jump burpee ->
Bear Crawl <-

Thang 2: Coupon Ladder – after each exercise – take a lap around the school
25 Curls
20 Squats
15 Overhead Press
10 Thrusters
5 Manmakers

Always appreciative of the opportunity to lead this group.
SYITG – Jewel

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