BB – Incubator @ Poshlands, 1/18/21

As I was making my way to Posh I noticed it was super slick out on the roads. I was thinking I’m probably gonna have to modify my weinke to cut out the running.

I arrived with 5 min to go and PAX started pulling in…I quickly got my playlist setup and connected the speaker to Bluetooth. Then grabbed my oversized white board and greeted the PAX. We noticed the normal meeting area at Gheens Lodge was covered in ice. I noticed several PAX taking it upon themselves to run and slide across the ice. I’m not sure if they were doing that for sport or secretly letting me know, “yo Backflop, you ain’t gonna run are you?”

We ran, but more on that later.

Meanwhile Tammy Faye Baker was trying to locate his FNG. It hit 5:30 and we made our way over to the pavilion for COP. Beforehand, disclaimer was given that I’m not a professional, modify as necessary, and you’re here on your own free will/accord. AND be careful with the ICE!

1/18/21 Incubator @ Poshlands
Tammy Faye Baker
Double Down (R)
Bob Ross
Fertile Myrtle
Backflop (Q)

I queued up the music and we got after it, which COP included 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog stretches. As we were about to pick up and mosey on, TFB was still trying to locate his FNG. So we started the WO in the pavilion area while we waited. We started with 100x LBC’s IC and 45 Flutter kicks IC (half of 90x reps we were supposed to do). Then TFB said that his FNG was at some random yellow house and we could move on. Ha!

So then we picked up everything and moseyed to overpass area. This is where we picked up a rock of choice to use as a coupon and continued to the main THANG:

We finished the remaining 45 Flutter Kicks IC, then the other exercises OYO. In between each exercise, the PAX were instructed to run up the small hill and back. Then start the next exercise in-line.

80x overhead press

70x plank jacks single count

60x Bent over rows

50x Merkins

40x Mountain Climbers 4 count

30x skull criahers

20x Big Boy sit-ups

10x coupon/rock swings

We just about made it all the way through the exercises. BTW…I had Dr Dre on the tunes…I now need to wash my mouth out with soap. But nevertheless, it was good.

We picked up our things and moseyed back. Pelican helped by running with my huge white board back to the Pavilion area. Thanks bro.

We made it back to the pavilion where we stretched for 2 seconds and time was called.

COR, NOR, Announcements, COT

But before I head into COT, I gave a shout out to pickleball. I didn’t recognize him…thought he lost some weight. But then he proceeds to tell me he hasn’t lost a pound and has been the same weight since high school. Pelican then piped up after some awkward moments of silence by stating the obvious, “well that was awkward.” Thanks again Pelican. And sorry Pickleball, must have been thinking about someone else. Oops!

Back to COT – we prayed for Pelican’s Uncle who’s battling cancer, the Stober family as they lost their 16 year old son to a kayaking incident, Pickleball’s family that they travel safe back from MI today, and then for our nation that we all fine common ground and unity through all this uncertainty and division. I prayed for the intentions said and unsaid and for all the men that showed up today. It’s an honor to lead you guys in any conditions the weather might throw at us. Till next time (This Thursday at Bayside, ha), Backflop

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