Backblast – Loco at The County – 01/19/2021

I was exactly sure what was going to happen with the weather this morning. I was pleasantly surprised on what I saw when I woke up, which was low 30s with wet ground, but no snow or ice. It was great to see.

At 0530am [yes, Pelican – 0530am on Tuesday!] I called time and gave the disclaimers and we got right to it.


  • Hushpuppy
  • Cratchit
  • Tidwell
  • Asian Zing (R)
  • Snowman…he’s getting close to earning that respect!
  • Heimlich
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

We set off for a quick mosey around the church to confirm the mosey path for the Thang was good to go. Success.


  • SSH – 10x
  • Downward Dog + Runner’s Stretches
  • SSH – 10x
  • Hillbillies – 10x IC
  • SSH – 10X
  • Abe Vigodas – 10x IC
  • SSH – 10x
  • Bat Wings – 10x

At one point I called a silent cadence on one of the rounds of SSH. Objective was to end at the same time and if we don’t there would be punishment delivered – it was pretty close, but I’m pretty sure Tidwell may have cheated because he was “scratching his head.” I let it slide.

The Thang – Hindenburg BLIMPS:

The Hindenburg Blimp Disaster

So the mosey square around the church was basically the route. We started off next to the flag in that corner and did the exercise, then up to the second corner, then third, then fourth. Goal was to do the following at each corner:

  • Lap 1 – Burpees – 10x
  • Lap 2 – Lunges – 20x SC
  • Lap 3 – Imperial Walkers – 30x SC
  • Lap 4 – Merkins – 40x
  • Lap 5 – Plank Jacks – 50x SC
  • Lap 6 – Squats – 60x

So, that’s a total of 40x burpees, 80x lunges, 120x imperial walkers, etc. At some point, Cratchit asked me if I was sure it was BLIMPS and not BLIMP. I recognize there was only one Hindenburg Blimp, but, we’re trying to accelerate, Cratchit. So suck it up, buttercup.

Although, he almost got his wish as we were short on time so only got in one corner of the squats.

Time was then called.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions.

We talked about the upcoming monthly Ruck event held by Plumb Bob and Snowman – mock star course of about 12 miles on January 22 starting at the Big Four Bridge at 6:45pm. Snowman said if you’re really good you can do it in under 10 miles though. Hell of a short cut somewhere. Also, the upcoming Tony Malito ruck on January 30 at 9am at Posh.

Always a pleasure to lead!

Jolly Rancher out!

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