BB-Pelican Q Motivator at the Abyss 1/25/21

Night before the workout at I was at my parent’s house starting the prep work for the next day by asking my sister a few important questions that would prove useless the next day. Also sent Backflop a text to see if he would be there which he said yes and he’s bring his lights which basically proved useless as well.

That night I woke up a few times and realized I was a bit nervous how the workout would play out. I plan lots of stupid stuff but this time what seemed stupid had a meaning so I wanted it to go right. I got there quite a bit early —after nearly running off the road on the way.

Arrived and the usual Abyss guys showed up in addition to some county folk who had expertly planned to steal the flag. Looked around and no Backflop, even looked behind a few things that were waist high to make sure I didn’t miss him. No worries we will make due. Someone made the comment that it would be funny if another AO showed up at the old start time of 5:30 trying to get the flag.

5:15 and 13 PAX below were ready to go-

1/25/21 The Motivator @ the Abyss-

Jolly Rancher
Flip Flop
Mr. Hat
Lucky Charms
Big Bird
Uncle Sam (R)
Brown Water
Ghost Flag
Pelican (Q)

Gave the disclaimer and got ready to start CoP. But before then I gave the instructions that for the remainder of the workout we would not be talking unless it was an absolute emergency. If you did you owed 10 burpees. This was going to be harder on me than the rest of the PAX even though I usually keep my mouth shut in the gloom. We started CoP in the dark and using what my sister taught me I signaled the first exercise would be toy soldiers. Except it was super dark since we didn’t have Backflop’s light. Somehow the PAX managed to do them much better than Meter Maid did the week before. We went on to do SSH, grass grabbers, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newman’s and downward dog and stuff.

Then we got ready for the thing which was a ladder where we did 10 reps of each exercise ran around the playground and then added the next exercise until we did all 9 of them at once. It wasn’t too hard explaining without talking I think—people actually paid attention to me for once. The exercises were-


Coupon Squats

Coupon Big Boys

Coupon Swings

Jump Squats

Flutter Kicks

Curl to press


Man Makers

About 20 minutes into the workout we see a car pull up and it’s Backflop. Not only is he late for the new start time he was late for the old start time. He rushed over with a bunch of lights in a bag and put them under the whiteboard. We had already done half the ladder by then using the light on my phone but it did help (not really it didn’t matter at this point). I was glad he made it out though. Not sure Jolly felt the same way as Backflop made up for missing the first half of the workout by dropping enough ass to last 5 workouts basically right on Jolly’s head. In addition to that noise the coyotes were howling. Since there was no talking any noise was amplified. It was actually pretty awesome. There were a handful of claps from Mr Hat and some fives given by Bird as the PAX still were picking each other up in silence. We ended with everyone getting through the ladder and starting there way down.

We switched to Mary and that’s when Jolly had to bear crawl away from the stank. I thought he was going to spill Merlot but he stopped. I don’t really remember what the Mary exercises were but I think we did pickle pounders in silence and that was strange.

We finally made it to time and everyone let out a sigh of relief that we could finally rip on Backflop and talk about how good of a job Qing I did. We circled up for CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. It was during announcements that I told the PAX there was no meaning behind the silence I just wanted to shut them up. That wasn’t true though. I mentioned my sister Jessica earlier and it was her birthday. I wanted to lead a workout to honor her. See she’s deaf but she’s bad ass. She has a great family, is an awesome mom, sister and wife. She’s kind and helps people out. I told the PAX about her challenge and that it wasn’t a disability as she can just do just as much or more as all of us she just may have more work to do sometimes to do it. I thought working out in silence and trying to figure out how to get to through our own challenge would give us an idea of what she deals with on a daily basis. What was also humbling is how everyone fell in and did what I asked them to do even though they had no clue why I asked them to do so. We all have different challenges but just like Jessica does we need to face them and work through them. What makes it easier to do is when we can do it together. I thanked all the HIM that were out this morning for working through this with me. This morning was special to me and I’m not sure I’ll ever forget it.

Always great to be in the gloom especially when you get to lead.

Until the next time


Shittttt, I almost forgot that Airplane wasn’t there

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