BB: Pleasantville, Friday 1-29-21, Motor Boat Q: MORNING IN AMERICA

vintage illustration snow bound suburbia | Vintage illustration, Art,  Vintage art

The American Century continues. At least it did this past Friday, Jan. 29 at Pleasantville, when 9 men won one for the Gipper by passing the test of the Time for Choosing. They chose to get up, and get out in the cold and in the snow, and get tougher, faster, and more humble.

Pax: Gollum, Heimlich, Holy Roller (R), Snowman, Russdiculous, Handbook, Fokker, Yankovic (R), and Motor Boat (Q).

The setting: A moonlit, snow-covered, skim of black ice on the lake Norton Commons amphitheater. Maybe about 25 degrees, or colder. Cold enough to notice.

The thang: After a pretty short COP from people who wanted to get warm, a trot through the snowy streets of this little corner of America. Marred by one navigational mishap, quickly recovered. The route was chosen by Overhead to be about 2.15 miles total. At roughly equal intervals, we worked on the Century Club. In this instance, it was a total of 100 BOYOs, with squats or plank at the beginning as the Six caught up. BOYOs are sneaky. They start not a big deal. But they do have a way of becoming one. By the end, we’d earned it. Consensus was for only mild deficit spending, so only 10 BOYOs were left for the buyout, watching the just-past-full moon on the ice. Then some Mary, with all the usual suspects, finishing with enough single count Murcans to keep up the intensity to the very end. People stumbled up the steps of the amphitheater to the flag, where intentions were stated for some sick relatives of the Pax, and a prayer closed out, seeking God’s grace to be both aggressive and humble, confident and modest, kind and strong, being most fully the men God created us to be.

It was awesome to see the support from some familiar faces making the trip east to Pleasantville, and some new faces too. The age range of men hitting it hard at the workouts is really impressive. Everyone was tough. For this morning, at least, we did win one for the Gipper, at our own little city on the hill.

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