BB: The Motivator @ The Abyss 2-1-21: Winter Wonderland

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Eight Pax made a great choice to show up this morning at 0515 at the Abyss in strong snow flurries, and get tougher.
Pax: Tidwell, Uncle Sam, Backflop, Squid, Mr. Hat, Flip Flop, Cratchit, and Motor Boat (Q).

The wind was howling as we did COP, so we kept that short and got to the Thang, taking advantage of the great terrain for running at the Abyss. We did a pretty hard long loop plus some bonus distance (total about 2.2 miles), stopping at intervals to join the Double Century Club (100 murcans, 100 big boys total). We added in snow angels, because on a day like today, you have to do that. It was awesome to be a kid again.

The Abyss was much lighter than usual because of the light reflecting off the snow. Morale was high. Emissions were also high. I will leave it at that.

After a sprint uphill from the promontory near the lake back to the flag, we wrapped up with Mary, NOR, announcements, intentions, and a prayer. Men dispersed to start their week secure in the knowledge that it had already started off right. Thanks to the Pax for making it out and showing such a great effort on a hard, fun day.

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