Black ops 2/4/21 Backblast Destin BlackOps

Pax: Big Bird, Stormtrooper, LePew, Fungi Q

Preamble: BIg Bird was engaged in a weekly fitness challenge with another PAX member and with a couple hours left in the day needs a 45+ minute workout to win. The beauty about F3 is when one pax member needs something, other pax jump in to support and motivate. While Big Bird would have done A workout, he wouldn’t have done THIS workout!

Pre-Thang –

AMRAP 12 oz curls – 2 hrs

Weather – dark, cool

Thang 1

Run 2 miles in dark to Beach

Thank 2

Plunge into moonlit ocean

Thang 3

Sugar Cookie

Thang 4

Somewhat scare unassuming couple in to taking a picture

Thang 5

Plunge back into ocean to rinse off

Thang 6

Run 2 miles back to Startex

COT: Thank the SkyQ for friends who will jump off the couch in a moments notice to support their fellow man. Thanks for Marines and service people who risk their lives on daily basis to serve our Country and protect us. While members of our families may never join the military, let us do our part in our own community and be an inspiration to those to those who do.

Big Bird for the WIN!

Always a honor,


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