Back-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 2.4.21

I wanted to keep the momentum going for The Hardest Working AO so we kept it simple and got after it. 13 PAX came out:


Jimmy Neutron

Natty Lite


Uncle Rico


Edward Scissorhands



Wide Right




We started off with the normal disclaimer and warm-up:

25 SSH

25 MC

25 Plank Jacks

25 Merkins

15 Grass Grabbers

We then Bernie’d up The Baptizer and then Bear Crawled the length of the top lot before proceeding down the HOSS to start the main set. Once at the bottom, I connected to Neutron’s concert quality speaker and explained the set. Dora – P1 runs to the top of the HOSS and P2 started knocking out reps of the following:

50 Burpees

100 Merkins

150 Walking Lunges

200 Squats

150 Walking Lunges

100 Merkins

50 Burpees

At about 6:12 we hit some plank work before heading back to the flag. It was a good group and a good workout. If done correctly,I’m not sure there is a better movement than the walking lunge. Honored to be able to lead.


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