BB-Pelican Q the Fog at the Poshlands 2/6/21

Got up real early but skipped the pre ruck Harbaugh was throwing down as I wanted to set things up prior to the workout. Got to Posh around 6:15 to set up the football field. Tape measure in hand and dark af I proceeded to mark off a nowhere near 100 yd field that was even less near straight. Luckily I finished this with plenty of time to spare as the nachos from the night before made themselves remembered in my stomach. Checked the park’s bathroom doors and they were locked…shit, well not yet hopefully. Got in the car and took off to the IGA. Hurried to the back where all the workers were standing right near the bathrooms that didn’t have doors on them. Whatever not like they don’t do the same thing, well maybe they do. Airplane wasn’t there either. Anyway 3 lbs lighter and get back to Posh as the Ruckers were making their way back. That’s when Harbaugh was nice enough to tell me there’s a port a potty right across the way. Thanks.

Stickup, Pickleball, Backflop, Squid, Minnow, Jitterbug (R), F-stop, Harbaugh and myself made the 9 who were going to get ready for the Super Bowl punt pass kick style.

We moseyed over to the egg lawn for COP which was Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Copper Head Squats, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans and downward dog and stuff. Then we got ready for PPK. We had to do 10 reps of the exercise, punt pass or kick then rifle carry to the ball. Run back to the goal line and then back to your ball. Then repeat until you did the pass and kick as well.

The exercises were-



Pelicans (can’t stop people from calling them that even though I try)

No exercise, but had to do murder bunnies to your ball. Murder bunnies still suck!


Sprints to the ball

There were a lot of highlights in this session. Both Minnow and Pickleball can throw and punt the ball like 700 yds. Stick Up didn’t think we could make it down the field but those guys had like 3 yds or less kicks every time. Probably helps the field was only like 40 yds long. The first time down I think Harbaugh did a punt pass kick kick kick kick and was still a few yards short. Speaking of short Backflop had some huge punts. Jitterbug mainly punted sideways but he was pretty decent at the kicking part. F-Stop brought his own crappy football and he performed like he had a crappy football. Squid seemed to improve from his last performance at Bayside but that’s not saying a ton. Jewel and NattyLite came strolling by when I made the PAX do everything with their opposite feet and hands. I’m sure that looked great. When we finished Backflop had us at about 2.7 miles which was awesome cause I kind of felt like we were goofing off for an hour.

We went back to the flag for some Mary and I let the PAX call it out. Not sure every thing we did but either Pickleball or Minnow made us do pickle pounders. These seem 100 times worse in daylight next to a group of runners meeting up. Then Squid called out some exercise , luckily it was time after a couple reps because he sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and if they didn’t it’s ok cause I did. We got some good work in and had some laughs. Finished with CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. Can’t remember them all but Dare to Care is this Saturday so contact Jitterbug if interested.

Always humbled and happy to lead.


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