BB BO Lagrange

Welp that was awesome. 12 PAX posted for duty Monday morning at the Lagrange BO site at the Statue. Hammock Dauber Backflop LePew Squid Stormtrooper SealPup MOAB Jolly Rancher Holly Roller Lucky Charms Focker (Q).

0530– Disclamiers made

0531– COP 25 SSH, 15 Imperials, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 Merkins Mosey around the courthouse block weighted.

0542– 11s at the skatepark. Manmakers 10 mosey/rifle carry with weight 1 BB and so on and so forth till we flipped the script and worked up a good steam.

0557– introduction to Heartbreak Hill. Mosey with weight .5 mile down Heartbreak Hill behind Planet Fitness and SECC to the library. Circled up for the six and executed 25 merkins on own. All present and accounted for. Holly Roller, Le Pew, and Hammock turned at Planet Fitness and returned to the Statue for some Mary, HOORAH!

0605– Made our way back to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill summoned our inner BEAST and executed the climb back up weighted. It may have been overcast and snowy but I saw stars at the top of that hill!

0612– Circled up at the Statue for some Mary. I can’t remember what all we did but SealPup lead us in four count SSHs with perfect execution of cadence, CHILD PLEASE!

0615– Time was called, circled around the flag, countorama, namorama, announcements. Feb Poker Ruck this weekend. Check Slack for details. D2C this Weekend check Slack for details. Intentions. Prayers for spoken and unspoken with an Our Father. Dismissal.

Thank you to all those who came out to this inaugural posting of the Lagrange BO. Thanks for the support HIMs and lets, together, HL/post and make The Patriot a hard and fast reality!

PS. Lagrange is already bustling with mumble chatter about our presence and we may have the Mayor of Lagrange show up for a workout. So if anyone is interested in giving input into, the Mayor of Lagrange, his F3 callsign/NN make sure you make it out to the Lagrange BO on Mondays.

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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