2/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge courtesy of F-Stop

Once the clown car rolled up with Buzzsaw, Fertile Myrtle, Stick Up, and Dynomite, we go to work on this snowy, cold morning.

We hit the egg lawn for a quick COP of toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, downward dog stretches, Michael Phelps, and Kendra Newmans

In honor of my 115th post with F3, we learned to count.

We had 5 rotations that we did in groups of 11/41/11/41/11

So 11 merkins/41 overhead press/11 merkins/41 curls/11 merkins

And so on…..

Jump squats/flutter kicks/jump squats/plank jacks/jump squats

Man makers/Coupon squats/man makers/calf raises with coupons/man makers

J-Lo/pickle pounders/J-Lo/monkey humpers/J-Lo

Boyos/coupon swings/boyos/big boys/boyos

115 side straddle hops and 115 gas pumps

Mosey in between each 115

The playlist went from Luke Combs to Bryan Adams to AC/DC

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