5/13/21 Backblast The Agony at The County

8 HIMS celebrated May 13 by going from station to station. There were four stations and at each one, we did four exercises, reps of 26,13,26,13. Then we went to the next station via Bernie, Mosey, Lunge walk, or Murderous Bunny. After the cycle, we then did a 13 (rather than an 11). It wasContinue reading “5/13/21 Backblast The Agony at The County”

Backblast 5/7/21 Gladiator at The Abyss -F-Stop

Sharkbait, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, and F-Stop celebrated the 1980s Three exercises per flight. Started with 20 reps then mosey a lap then 20 more then a lap until getting to 80. Did that with 3 exercises. Then went 40 lap 40 on 3 more exercises. Finished with 3 exercises of 80 continuous with lapContinue reading “Backblast 5/7/21 Gladiator at The Abyss -F-Stop”

3/26/21 Backblast Pleasantville

F-Stop Bringing The Heat Tour finally made it to Pleasantville on a beautiful Friday morning. Focker, Yankovic, Holy Roller, Flex Seal, Whitney, and I went around the circle adjacent the amphitheater a few times. We did a Jack Webb of jump squads and walking lunges. We followed that up with some 7s and 11s stoppingContinue reading “3/26/21 Backblast Pleasantville”

3/24/21 Backblast The Foundry at County

F-Stop brought the tour back to the County, and I melted the shoulders Tabata style. After a mosey and COP of toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, and downward dog, we circled up and got to work. We did two different Tabatas with each totaling almost 15 minutes. The sequence was exercise for 40 seconds, 10 secondContinue reading “3/24/21 Backblast The Foundry at County”

3/23/21 Backblast Planeterium at Boondocks

F-Stop led 10 HIMS in a counting exploration with the great Dora After a COP of toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, and stretching, we got to work First round was 200 curls, 250 jump squats, and 300 side straddle hops. One partner worked to get to the number while the other did 10 derkins and 20Continue reading “3/23/21 Backblast Planeterium at Boondocks”

3/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge

F-Stop Bringing The Heat tour rolled across Poshland with a special birthday party!! 11 HIMS celebrated Chuck Norris’ 81st birthday with a warmup that included 81 side straddle hops. After the COP, we got after it! 11s with coupon curls on one end rifle carry in the middle and overhead press on the other endContinue reading “3/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge”

3/9/21 Backblast Bag of Wrenches at The O (F-Stop)

My inaugural Q at The O was a mashup of Billy Madison and Benjamin Buttons. After a brief COP, we used every corner of the tennis court. We flipped the Billy Madison upside down doing it in reverse 12th grade down to 1st grade 12th grade was 24 Side Straddle Hops. After each grade, weContinue reading “3/9/21 Backblast Bag of Wrenches at The O (F-Stop)”

3/9/21 Preblast for Bag of Wrenches at The O (F-Stop)

The Iron Horse is about posting more often and about getting outside your comfort zone. I will make only my second ever visit to and my first ever Q at the infamous Bag of Wrenches at The O on Tuesday morning. If you haven’t been to The O or it’s been a while, now isContinue reading “3/9/21 Preblast for Bag of Wrenches at The O (F-Stop)”

3/5/21 Backblast – The Baptizer @ The Garden courtesy of F-Stop

My first Q at The Garden was an arm/core blazer. After running up the hill for a COP that involved toy soldiers, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, and downward dog, we headed back down to begin the workout. We started with a little this and that. 15 one-arm rows per arm and 15 man makers followedContinue reading “3/5/21 Backblast – The Baptizer @ The Garden courtesy of F-Stop”

3/4/21 Backblast @ Bayside for Legs By F-Stop

10 HIMS cranked up the leg work this morning. After a COP stretch session, we went to work. Started by traversing the back lot stopping at every light post alternating each time with 20 jump squats or 20 jump lunges. Ran back the length of lot and did it a second time Next round weContinue reading “3/4/21 Backblast @ Bayside for Legs By F-Stop”

2/19/21 Backblast @ The Abyss (F-Stop)

Neither cold nor dark can keep the Pax away from the best AO in the city. Uncle Sam, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, Harbaugh, Crachit, Tidwell, and F-Stop gathered at 5:15 in the snowy Abyss!! After a COP that involved a routine of exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, we began Jack Webb FridayContinue reading “2/19/21 Backblast @ The Abyss (F-Stop)”