3/5/21 Backblast – The Baptizer @ The Garden courtesy of F-Stop

My first Q at The Garden was an arm/core blazer. After running up the hill for a COP that involved toy soldiers, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, and downward dog, we headed back down to begin the workout. We started with a little this and that. 15 one-arm rows per arm and 15 man makers followedContinue reading “3/5/21 Backblast – The Baptizer @ The Garden courtesy of F-Stop”

3/4/21 Backblast @ Bayside for Legs By F-Stop

10 HIMS cranked up the leg work this morning. After a COP stretch session, we went to work. Started by traversing the back lot stopping at every light post alternating each time with 20 jump squats or 20 jump lunges. Ran back the length of lot and did it a second time Next round weContinue reading “3/4/21 Backblast @ Bayside for Legs By F-Stop”

2/19/21 Backblast @ The Abyss (F-Stop)

Neither cold nor dark can keep the Pax away from the best AO in the city. Uncle Sam, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, Harbaugh, Crachit, Tidwell, and F-Stop gathered at 5:15 in the snowy Abyss!! After a COP that involved a routine of exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, we began Jack Webb FridayContinue reading “2/19/21 Backblast @ The Abyss (F-Stop)”

2/11/21 Backblast Moonshiner @ Boondocks – F-Stop

Three HIMs melted the ice this morning. Bulletin, Captain Crunchberry, and F-Stop counted to 150 by 25 four times We did four rounds doing 25 of an exercise followed by a mosey or a Mario. Then 25 of the same exercise followed by a mosey or Mario and so forth until we reached 150. AfterContinue reading “2/11/21 Backblast Moonshiner @ Boondocks – F-Stop”

2/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge courtesy of F-Stop

Once the clown car rolled up with Buzzsaw, Fertile Myrtle, Stick Up, and Dynomite, we go to work on this snowy, cold morning. We hit the egg lawn for a quick COP of toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, downward dog stretches, Michael Phelps, and Kendra Newmans In honor of my 115th post with F3, we learnedContinue reading “2/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge courtesy of F-Stop”

2/10/21 Pre-blast The Bridge Poshland

F-Stop live and in person tomorrow. It will be my 115th time posting since I began last September. Why does that matter?? Come out to the warm comforts of Poshland at 5:30 to find out! Hint: Practice counting tonight just to be safe I can make you two promises. 1. The playlist will have somethingContinue reading “2/10/21 Pre-blast The Bridge Poshland”

2/8/21 Back blast for The Abyss

Four HIMS recovered from the Super Bowl by hitting the Abyss on a cold Monday morning. F-Stop, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, and Harbaugh did some 40s in honor of the 40 points scored in the big game. Bucs 31 Chiefs 9 COP was toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, downward dog stretches, and high knees Everything addedContinue reading “2/8/21 Back blast for The Abyss”

1/23 F-Stop @ The Nest @ The County

It wasn’t cold for too long. After a brief COP, we knocked out some nuclears to get warm. Then 12 of us went back to school F-Stop style. Jolly Rancher, GQ, Hot Wheels, Holy Roller, Yankovich, Uncle Rico, Brown Water, Asian Zing, Malpractice, Cratchit, Tidwell, F-Stop We started in first grade with 5 burpees andContinue reading “1/23 F-Stop @ The Nest @ The County”