3/29/21Backblast The Patriot

I made my first appearance and Q at well reviewed Patriot.

8 HIMS did a variety of things beginning after the COP with a Jack Webb of jump squats and side straddle hops. Lots of heavy breathing after this one

We followed up with 11s. 10 coupon curls and 1 overhead press then 9 curls and 2 press and so on through 1 curl and 10 press. We did 10 more side straddle hops after each press. Jelly legs commence….

We then began a progressive waterfall. HIM #1 started with 15 merkins counting out loud the first 5 and silently the last 10. When HIM got to 5, then HIM #2 began his. Each HIM began when the previous HIM reached 5. As soon as I (the Q) finished my set, I called a new exercise so we kept moving continuously for quite a while.

We then did 7s of incline merkins and derkins with bear crawl and mosey to transport in between work stations.

We finished with another round of waterfall this time with each HIM getting to call out an exercise.

Patriotic playlist made for a great workout! F-Stop

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