3/27/21 Backblast Poshland

This was an interesting Q. After 6 months of many posts at all of the AOs, I had a workout where I had never met anyone. 4 HIMS, including one FNG went station to station.

Four stations each had 4 exercises. We did 40, 30, 20, 10 at each station

Station 1 was 40 overhead presses, 30 Moroccan Nightclubs, 20 curls, and 10 man makers

Station 2 was 40 jump squats, 30 side lunges with coupon (15 each leg), 20 coupon jump overs, and 10 boyos

Station 3 was 40 one-arm rows (20 each arm), 30 merkins, 20 skull crushers and 10 derkins

Station 4 was 40 side straddle hops, 30 pickle pounders, 20 big boys, and 10 kraken burpees

Mode of transport alternated between murder bunnies and mosey. We did each station twice and finished with a merkin waterfall and some Mary.

I got to meet Dot and Greenwich. Greenwich headlocked Patrick Coty. Despite him wearing his Michigan hat, we let him off easy and named him Drumstick due to his work at YUM.

It was a great morning! Welcome Drumstick!!

F-Stop (Q)

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