3/9/21 Backblast Bag of Wrenches at The O (F-Stop)

My inaugural Q at The O was a mashup of Billy Madison and Benjamin Buttons.

After a brief COP, we used every corner of the tennis court. We flipped the Billy Madison upside down doing it in reverse 12th grade down to 1st grade

12th grade was 24 Side Straddle Hops.

After each grade, we went to other side of court for 30 Moroccan Nightclubs. Mode of transport was up to each HIM to decide, but the rule was couldn’t use same method back that we used down.

11th grade – 22 grave diggers (single count), 10th grade – 20 coupon squats, 9th grade – 18 overhead press, 8th grade – 16 side lunges (8 each leg), 7th grade – 14 skull crushers, 6th grade – derkins, 5th grade – 10 one-arm rows each arm, 4th grade – 8 uneven merkins (4 each arm), 3rd grade – 6 burpees, 2nd grade – Kraken burpees, 1st grade – 2 more Kraken burpees

Great COT and playlist

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