PB: The Foundry W/O Heavy Metal

Did you feel lean? Do you feel mean? Do you feel fast? Is you heart-rate variability on point? Maybe you are crushing goals!

Good. I got some new ones for you! I have been putting this Heavy Metal Workout idea together for sometime now, it is a work in progress but as I polish the turd I start to see a glimmer of hope for it. This should be your motivation too. We may polish one side of the turd to a glimmer but that other side always needs work (vice versa).

0530 at the County for a heavy workout. Bring your glove, boots (not running shoes, altho we may run some yet) and coupons. It is supposed to be warm so prepare to break a sweat, get some inflation of the large groups, and work on form (because I need to do that).

Focker will be your Q

Focker Over Out

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