BB: Davy Jonessssssss

Wow. our Mutt brothers show up in numbers!

20 HIMs reported for sea duty.

Busch, Backdraft, Motorboat, Wammo(R), Pope, Frosty, FruityPeebles, GoodMan, Deuce, Zima, PeppingTom, LarryFlint, Old Bay, Fridge, Tiger, Blueprint, Beaver, Etto(sic), Focker(Q), Windshield.

0530 All aboard. Disclaimers made. We set sail with the wind at our back. SSHs, STs, BEARs, DD, Merkins into a quick lap around the harbor. The Jib was hosted the wind caught our sails and we were free from the protection of the bay ( not Old Bay, he was still there making sure we kept a tight ship)

Soon we pulled the ship alongside the port side of the soccer fields. Before us lay 16 battle stations of hypertophy. Round and round we went 2 mins on, with just enough time to rotate battle stations off.

Battle Stations:

CPL punishment the log cary/flip (100), Weighted Big Boys(coupon), grip curls(15), thrusters(53), grip curls(20), prayer chain(50), grip curls(20), bent over rows(50), skull crusher (53), overhead press(53), thruster(53), weighted squats(60), bench press (98), deadlifts(158), anchor line shuffle (70). (weight expressed in lbs)

We raided, pillaged, and plundered our Sad clown(ness) all the while keeping in true mumble chatter grumble (nay I say complaining) pirate ways.

0607 we circled up for Mary where we smashed the ship against the core and the captain struggled to keep the ship on course thru roaring winds. Just as one HIM arrived upon his time to shine with, Boxcutters, time was called and we returned to homeport.

COR all present and accounted for, NOR (lot of unfamiliar names great to meet you men)


Fungi is collecting donations for HIHM for Eastern KY flood relief. You can find donation links and needs on Slack. So far he has raised $415 from the PAXs of F3 Louisville plus a trunk of supplies which amounts to $1245 towards the effort. Reach out to Fungi for more information.


An F3 brother and his M just gave birth to a new baby. Forgive me I forget the name, however we lifted their family up as they introduce and bring a beautiful new life into the world. Our prayers are with you. We lifted up the unspoken to the Sky Q and finished with an Our Father.

I gotta say those deckhands loaded my truck up so quickly I get the sense they are not in a hurry to see that ship, nor his flag, in their corner of the ocean for awhile. Thanks brothers for helping load all that back up.

I am humbled and grateful to have led you men today and thank you for being patient with me as I get a better handle on putting together workouts and leading them!

Focker Over Out

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