BB – 2/12/21 The Gladiator @ The Abyss w/ Jimmy Neutron

(I apologize for the extremely long delay. I thought that this had been published awhile back but when I logged in this morning it was showing up as a draft still)

4 PAX braved the ice and snow to visit the darkest AO in the region

Edward Scissorhands
Mr. Hat
Uncle Same (R)
Jimmy Neutron (Q)

I was 10 minutes early but still the last to arrive for our 5:15am start time out at The Abyss. I hopped out of the car and almost fell on my way to grab my coupon and a basketball from my trunk. I slipped a little but once again avoided a fall when I walked three steps onto the road to see if it would be too icy to run down to the boat ramp, which clearly it was. At 5:15 I announced that it was time to get started, introduced myself as the Q for today’s workout and went through the disclosures, including a reminder be extra cautious in the icy conditions and to modify for safety as needed. We started our workout with a mosey of about 100 yards through the crunching, ice-covered grass. We stopped to do 10 merkins to begin warming our upper bodies and then moseyed back. We did a COP by starting with 19 side straddle hops, downward dog into calf stretches, 11 grass grabbers, Kendra Newmans, and Michael Phelps.

I then introduced the Pax to the rules of our basketball game. Each person would shoot a layup, free throw, three pointer, and a half-court shot, kinda like if they were selected to try to win a car from Tony Malito at the halftime of a basketball game. For each shot that was missed we would double the exercises and have to run that many suicides (which we altered to full court up-and-backs for safety and practical purposes).

For round 1, if all shots were made we would end up doing:

  • 20 coupon curls (40 if missing layup)
  • 15 coupon squats (30 if missing free throw)
  • 10 coupon swings (20 if missing 3-pointer)
  • 5 man-makers (no penalty for missing half-court shot)

Needless to say not every shot was made. During round 1 Uncle Sam led us off by making his layup but missing his next three shots. We did the 40 curls, 30 squats, 20 swings, and 5 man-makers followed by running the length of the court up and back 3 times. Mr. Hat went next and hit his layup but missed his three other shots. We did the exercises and then I tried with the same results as the first two. Edward Scissorhands was last and he missed all 4 shots, resulting in 40 curls, 30 squats, 20 swings, 5 man-makers and 4 up-and-back runs.

For round 2, if all shots were made we would end up doing:

  • 20 coupon curl-to-press (40 if missing layup)
  • 15 coupon lunges (30 if missing free throw)
  • 10 coupon rows (20 if missing 3-pointer)
  • 5 man-makers (no penalty for missing half-court shot)

On round 2 Uncle Sam once again led off and had the same results, narrowly missing his half-court heave. Mr. Hat showed some talents by making his layup, then the free throw, and having the 3 point attempt roll around the rim before coming out.

NOTES: Scissorhands claims to have missed the layup on purpose to get in a few extra curls.

At the flag we ended with COR, NOR, announcements and intentions. Domino reminded everyone of the Dare to Care event. No intentions spoken aloud. We ended with an Our Father.

Overall it was a fantastic way to fight against nature and prove that we could survive an Artic expedition with a great group of men!

Peace and Love,

Jimmy Neutron

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