Backblast 5/7/21 Gladiator at The Abyss -F-Stop

Sharkbait, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, and F-Stop celebrated the 1980s

Three exercises per flight. Started with 20 reps then mosey a lap then 20 more then a lap until getting to 80. Did that with 3 exercises. Then went 40 lap 40 on 3 more exercises. Finished with 3 exercises of 80 continuous with lap between each

80 each curls, overhead press, weighted squats 20 at a time

80 each flutter kicks, gas pumps, and pickle pounders 40 at a time

80 each side straddle hops, seal claps, and big boys 80 at a time

Pandora 1980’s Rock for the win

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