3/10/21 Backblast Poshland Bridge

F-Stop Bringing The Heat tour rolled across Poshland with a special birthday party!! 11 HIMS celebrated Chuck Norris’ 81st birthday with a warmup that included 81 side straddle hops.

After the COP, we got after it!

11s with coupon curls on one end rifle carry in the middle and overhead press on the other end with a 10 burpee penalty if the coupon ever touched the ground from start to finish. One HIM paid a penalty. I’ll let him remain anonymous:)

Next up was a spirited game of 81s. We did 81 each of a variety of exercises in the following routine……. 32/24/16/9 with a mosey in between each set. 4 kraken burpees during the mosey after the 32 and 24. Mosey only after 16 and 9.

Big Boys, Flutter kicks, Gas pumps, LBCs

Chuck would be proud

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