BB-3/11/21-Cloverfield @ The Garden – Diane Dukes

What a great morning, 62 degrees, felt amazing at the Garden. I was expecting some tanks but none yet. I stepped into this Q yesterday to help out Husky who had to give it up so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been. Good turnout 15 PAX including myself. Handy Manny, Wayfair, Natty Lite, Little Jerry (R), Cartman, Jewel, Double Down (R), Wet Bandit (great name and great story behind it!), Subprime, Minnow, Nino, Catfish, Gaba Gaba (R), Meter Maid, Ghost Flag, and me. Gave the disclaimer, COP consisting of SSH, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Runner Stretch, Mountain Climbers then took a mosey with our coupons to the base of Baptizer to do 7’s. Thrusters at the bottom and burpees at the top. Mosey with coupon to parking lot to circle up for coupon work. I’ll call them out and we will all do the exercises together, mainly because I didn’t have time to cut up an Amazon box and write them down. Need to invest in white board:

Shoulder press 20

Curls 20

Alpos 20

Bent over rows 20

Squats 20

Man makers 10

Big boy sit-ups 20

Shoulder tap plank jack squat jump 10 – saw these online, wanted to try to bring something new to my WO, not sure what the PAX thought of these…….

After this we ran a full lap around the campus, then did the above again with some modifications, I think I forgot the manmakers and skipped the shoulder tap plank jacks this time. Little Jerry wanted to run more so we did some sprints then a quick circle up for some core work.

COT – announcements and Our Father


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