3/24/21 Backblast The Foundry at County

F-Stop brought the tour back to the County, and I melted the shoulders Tabata style.

After a mosey and COP of toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, and downward dog, we circled up and got to work.

We did two different Tabatas with each totaling almost 15 minutes. The sequence was exercise for 40 seconds, 10 second rest, same exercise for 40 more, 20 second rest, new exercise for 40 and so forth. So each exercise twice for 40 seconds.

In between the two tabatas, we did half a nuclear, only going to 5.

After second tabata, we did the other half of the nuclear.

Both of the rounds were primarily shoulder and and upper body focused with a few big boys and lbcs thrown in the middle.

We closed out by doing 4 minutes of man makers to keep Holy Roller happy.

Great COT where we prayed for Husky, some of Pelicans family, my dad, and a multitude of unspoken intentions.

Pelican approved of some of the playlist.

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