BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside 02.13.21

Stop 2 on the Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel, the sprawling campus of Bayside. There are other AO’s with a significant amount of space, however Bayside’s painted parking lot football field is pretty unique. Because of that, we were going to spend some time here today.

I showed up early to make sure the lot was clear, ice skating was not on my list of things to do today. Luckily, the lot was clear and Plan A was set.

Harbaugh, F-stop, Shuttlecock and Charolais (riding in cognito in his mini-van) all showed up with a couple minutes to spare for some mumblechatter. It was concluded that we must be some knuckleheads for crawling out of the warmth of our fartsack and coming out here in the cold to do dumb stuff with a handful of goofballs. Yet, here we are and it was time to start.

I gave the disclaimer and we took off for a short mosey around the lot. Birdie, Firing Pin and Slugger came into the lot as we rounded the corner so we circled back to catch up with them.

We circled up and got stretched out. SSH, grass grabbers and a few other things.

Once warm, I explained the thang for the day. Since F-stop like to tell me he hates my workouts, I decided to put the PAX in control today. We lined up on the goal line and got one coupon per pair of PAX. PAX 1 would perform an ab exercise of his choice while PAX 2 carried the coupon ten yards out however he felt fit. Once back, PAX 2 would perform the ab exercise and PAX 2 would retrieve the coupon. PAX 1 would pick a new ab exercise and PAX 2 would take the coupon ten yards further than he did last time. We worked our way all the way down the field. Once we hit 100 yards, we took a lap around the parking lot and then marched down the field again, this time with PAX 2 picking the core work.

I think we went down the field twice with three laps around the lot. We ended with a few merkins. Turns out, slowing the merkins down and putting a hold at the bottom increases mumblechatter and F-stop really loves the new Judo Merkin.

We tend to let our Mary work be a closer, but it felt great to really take some time to focus on our cores.

We closed with COR, NOR, announcements (monthly Dare to Care and February Ruck), intentions and a few baseball slides down the icy sidewalk. Charolais, with the well earned Respect, showed the young guns how it was done!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, it’s always an honor to Q at home. Great work gentleman!

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