Back Blast 02/16/2021 Snow Day @ The Max on Bayside’s Campus -Slide Rule Q

Yes what a morning it was! 16 deg temps and 1 deg wind chill? I gave the warning on the eve of this Q to be prepared to play in the snow and that we did. Shuttlecock and I both slid our way into Bayside’s hallowed grounds. Personally I was 5 min behind schedule as my FWD was only so effective on the way in. We met out back at the portico with 5″ of snow built up. I gave a disclaimer and off we went. The portico had no clear ground so we moseyed onward. We took a brief slalom course between the ~20 poles on the back of the elementary school. and then made our way to the side porch of the elementary school for COP.

COP: Started with 30 SSH IC, 15 Hillibilly walkers IC, 15 Grassgrabbers IC. Went to downward dog and 3 cobras OYO. Then forward split leg hammy stretch, hip flexor switch legs. Kendra newmans and michael phelps, finally 5 burpees finished it out.

The Thang: This was a total wing it Q but one rule remained…Play in the snow! we started at the top of a ladder with 25 of one exercise and 20 of another, then decreasing each by 5 reps each stop. The stops were made at every other light pole. The first set of exercises was 25 squats followed by 20 burpees. After finishing 5 squats 0 burpees when switched to 25 super snow angels IC (snow angels on your chest with feet and hands off the ground) and 20 Carolina dry docks. As we started the super snow angels Shuttlecock proclaims “This is not how we did snow angels when I was a kid!” I laughed and counted faster. By the time we finished round two it was time for mary. We had two more light pole stops. first 30 big boys (with snow on up my back…So COLD!) then 15 Freddy Mercury’s IC. Next light pole was 20 star crunches in honor of Birdie. By this point we had snow all over us. We circled up at the flags in front of the elementary school and took time for countaroma, Name-o-rama, and COT.

This brought back good memories of fun in the snow. Also I thought of how cool God’s creation is with huge flakes of snow that he formed because he wanted to. Thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself and be joined by an HIM like Shuttlecock who is not too ashamed to make a fool of himself in pursuit of being better. I wonder what the school maintenance workers will think when they see the impressions we left behind. If nothing else it may be clearly seen that every other light pole we went down and got back up again!

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