Squid/Natty Lite Co-Q – Poshes @ the Garden 02.15.21

Both Natty Lite and I are in hot pursuit of the coveted Iron Horse and this “away” Q was another check mark on our list. That said, with the closure of both of the ‘Ville’s Poshest of sites, a modification was in order. We decided a Co-Q at the rolling hills of the Garden would be our best bet. After working with the involved Site Q’s, all was in order for the combined Poshes at the Garden.

After a conversation with Natty, we had the thang planned out and we were patiently watching the weather before putting the final touches on the weinke.

Natty Lite showed up just before me and had started setting up. The snow was just enough to add an extra level of challenge but not too much that we couldn’t run on it. The WO was set just in time for the PAX to start cautiously rolling into the parking lot. That is until Stick Up came in at Mach 3. By then the PAX were ready to get moving, but none more than Emma. She was wound up and ready to play. She reminder me of a young child on the first snow day of the year.

Dry rub
Husky (R)
Lady Bird (R)
Diane Dukes
Stick Up
Squid (Q)
Natty Lite (Q)

Natty Lite gave Q introductions and the disclaimer before we followed him to the parking lot for warm-o-rama. He led us in SSH, downward dog, imperial walkers and something else.

We then headed to the bottom of the Baptizer and I explained the thang. We were turning the two hills into a giant half pipe. There was a board at station 1 and another board at station 4, both had 4 different exercises on them. The PAX would start at station 1 and do 10 reps of the first exercise. We then ran up to station 2 and did 20, ran to 3 and did 30 reps, and ran down to 4 and did 40 reps. Next, we got the first exercise on the other board and worked our way back around with 10, 20, 30 and 40 reps again. We kept working down the lists and back and forth on the half pipe.

Board 1
Star jump
Jump Squat
Calf raises

Board 2
Side Lunge
Reverse lunge
Front Lunge
Toddler Squat

I think we made it to the calf raises and then performed burpees at station 1 until the 6 caught up and the clock ran out. Maintaining footing on the slushy snow definitely added a different element to the WO, it was a little like running in sand because of the resistance and shock absorption. The Garden’s hills are no joke on a good day and 5 times through in the snow put a hurtin’ on all of us.

Time was called, COR, NOR announcements (Zima is collecting shoes, Monthly ruck is collecting items for the homeless shelter), intentions.

It was a great morning in the gloom and it was an honor to share the lead with Natty Lite. Nicely done men!

Until Next Time,

Squid and Natty Lite

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