2.16.21 Back Blast – BoW @ The O

Not knowing what the AO was going to look like in the morning, YHC was hesitant on creating an elaborate beat down for the unknown number of pax that would be in attendance. The only two things that were going to be part of the plan was, no coupons and there would be some running. Lets see what happens.

Conditions: Temps in the upper teens, snow approx 3 inches. Slight wind out of the NW.

Ultra, super fit pax: Russdiculous, Dry Rub, Yoshi, Violet
Lacking proper cardio Q: Stick Up

COP: Mosey around the the smaller loop to finish up on the tennis courts. 30 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 15 Toy Soldiers, 15 Imperial Walkers, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps

THANG 1: 7’s on the tennis courts the length of all 4 courts. Exercise 1: Burpees. Exercise 2: 4 count monkey humpers. Once finished we moseyed over to the school parking lot.

THANG 2: 7’s the width of the lot. Exercise 1: Merkins. Exercise 2: Jump Squats. Mosey around the horse park, headed towards cannons lane, hang a right down that street and stop at the one light post where we felt was a good starting point.

THANG 3: 7’s from the light post to the other light post. Exercise 1: Carolina Dry docks. Exercise 2: Lunges. Mosey down the hill, convince violet to not run another 2.6 miles and instead just hang a right, head back up that hill to the light post on the corner.

THANG 4: 7’s from that light post to the other light post. Exercise 1: 4 count pickle pounders. Exercise 2: Big boy sit ups. Mosey back to the flags, wait for the Q, COT.

COT: Words of thanks to the pax in attendance, countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions.

-Stick Up

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