2.20.2021 DeVitto Q The Nest at the County

Could not have asked for better weather for this one! Of course, we had some REAL HIMs do a BO ruck before the Q.  Kudos to those who participated in that. (Cold weather is my kryptonite). 

The following HIMs participated:

Yankovic (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Meter Maid
Brown Water
Big Bird
Hot Tamale
Jolly Rancher
DeVitto (Q)

We started off with the typical disclaimers ( and added one for Black Ice!   Black Ice has become an Honorary FNG during these times).  The warmup included: 

Side straddle Hops – 21

Toy soldiers – 11

Grass grabbers – 11

Downward dog, right knee/right elbow, left knee/left elbow, cobra, right foot over left foot and then left foot over right foot.  

Merkins – 15 

Nuclears from 10. 

After being sufficiently warmed-up – thank you Nuclears- we jumped into the Thang.  Billy Madison made a call to the PAX and had us going through each grade. Here were the 12 exercises:

1st Grade Hillbillies – 12 reps (2 count)

2nd Grade Curls – 12 reps

3rd Grade Merkins – 12 reps

4th Grade Squats – 12 reps (with coupon/ruck)

5th Grade Shoulder Press – 12 reps

6th Grade One arm row – 12 reps

7th Grade Russian Dancers – 12 reps (2 count – a Brown Water favorite. I need to post a pic in the Exicon of Brown Water’s form – pristine!)

8th Grade Kneeling lunges – 12 reps

9th Grade Skull Crushers – 12 reps

10 Grade High Pulls – 12 reps

11th Grade Burpees – 12 reps

12th Grade Man Makers – 12 reps

To progress to each grade, each HIM had to perform the exercise for each grade up to the one that they were in. For example, start with the 1st grade exercise. After performing the prescribed reps, one would do a lap around the islands. Then, they would progress to the 1st grade AND 2nd grade exercise and then do a lap around the island and so on. Le Pew got bit by the Black Ice but shrugged it off like it “ain’t no thang.” Someone strategically placed a beer in my ruck, which exploded while performing Merkins. (I wonder who that was… Meter Maid????) Midway through, the music stopped because my phone/speaker got too cold. (Glad no one complained about that!)

Had I calculated the number of total reps that this workout contains – 840 reps – then I am not sure I would have done it – especially after the Poker Ruck. We also did just over 2 miles as well. Holly Roller was, well, Holy Roller, and graduated to PH.D level. All the rest of us degenerates did not make it out of high school. However, ALL of the HIMs grinded through and never quit. It was inspiring to watch everyone work hard and suffer, together. It was an honor and privilege to lead this group of men today.

After completing the workout, we circled up and did intentions. We prayed for Holy Roller and his family and Wildflower. To close, I mentioned the importance of our F3 brotherhood – how it can turn a tragedy into a rebirth of sorts. The crucible of life will knock you down at some point. Our workouts and our bond are gifts from God to provide the will, strength, and courage that help us to rise up and become even better as a citizen, brother, husband, father, or son. Over the last year, I have experienced this rebirth and I thank EACH of you for it. Something my cousin told me when my Dad passed away last year was this: We are all here for ONE purpose and that is to help each other get to heaven. I hope that this thought helps you through your daily battles like it has helped me. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to lead today.

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