Back-Blast – The Baptizer at The Garden – 2.19.21

Since The Baptizer is now an hour long, there is a plenty of time to deliver a proper beatdown. I wasn’t sure what the turn out would be due to the temperatures and some of the PAX traveling for Iron Horse but I wanted to make sure those that were there got their money’s worth. Special thanks to Diane Dukes for bringing an eclectic playlist.



Diane Dukes



Natty Lite




The workout was simple but effective.


Coupon run up to top parking lot. 25 x SSH, 25 x Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog, alternate leg stretching, 25 x Plank Jacks, 25 x Merkin, 15 x Grass Grabbers.

Main set:

Run 1 lap

99 Burpess

88 Merkins

77 Jungle Bois

66 Big Bois

55 Curl Press

44 Rows

33 Lunges – each leg

22 Alpos

11 Manmakers

Run 1 lap – repeat exercises from bottom to top

After everyone completed the 2nd lap. We did 10 swings and 10 OH presses then rifle carried the coupons back to the flag.

We finished by naming the FNG – Alfalfa who did an awesome job for his post. That was tough and he hung in there and went pretty hard. We then closed out with announcements and intentions.

It’s always a pleasure to lead. Looking forward to next time.


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