BB – 2.22.2021 – The Silo @ North Posh – Diane Dukes

First time Qing at North Posh, I was worried that there would still be ice so I got there early to check it out and the site looked great. No snow / black ice on the parking lot or front hill. PAX included – Viking, Catfish, Minnow, Jimmy Neutron, Jewel, and myself. Circled up in the parking lot, gave disclaimer, COP- SSH, grass grabbers, runners stretch.

  1. Thang 1
  2. (7’s) – Manmakers up top and Squats down by Shelbyville Rd
  3. Thang 2 – AMRAP Coupon work
  4. (25) merkins
  5. (25) curl presses
  6. (25) lunges
  7. (25) squats
  8. When complete – Run to Shelbyville road and back
  9. Repeat

Overall total just over 3 miles running.

Prayers for OJ wife and Catfish buddy Andrew Mills.

Thanks for coming out, pleasure to lead.


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