BB-Pelican Q the Extender at the Mutt 2/25/21

BOGO backblast day for Pelican. Day off on winter break filled with backblasts is what I’ve been looking forward to. Was pretty excited to Q the Mutt this morning, so excited I offered the County boyz a Duck Donut if they made the trip out. Only Meter Maid made the journey and he declined his donut. Good thing because I spent more on donuts for the kids this morning than the PAX spend at GoRuck. Anyway back to the blast. I got to the Mutt about 7 minutes early which in my mind was like 20 minutes early to see about 6-7 PAX coming back from a run. I had to check the calendar and schedule when I saw Meter with them thinking maybe my watch was broke or they moved up the start time. Nope, just an extra credit run.

The PAX who made it out (too far for Airplane to fly) are below-

Old Bay
Meter Maid
Larry Flynt
Glen Ross
Fruity Pebbles
Pelican (Q)

All the PAX started getting there around 5:29 and since we had 2 minutes to spare (thanks Buschhhh for the schedule reminder) we waited for Tiger to drive through a few HIM on his way to the closest parking spot he could find right around 5:32 or so. I gave the disclaimer (leaving out the COVID warning as the vaccine has made its rounds at the Mutt) and we took a lap to the coupon stash. After we grabbed coupons we circled up for COP. We did the following–

Grass Grabbers (IC sort of)

Toy Soldiers (IC a little less sort of)

Free style do whatever the F you want and just talk

Downward Dog and Stuff (most did not do the stuff)

Thankfully Meter was there to help me count. The rest of the Mutters acted like they haven’t seen in each other in years and were carrying on conversation ranging from kids sports, to masks, to school schedule, to other randomness that was much more important than helping me count. I realized that’s the same thing I do when I’m not Qing but it was like there were 14 Mes there. At that point I told them just do what they want and continue the conversations.

From there we went over to the bigger lot near the p-o-r-t-i-c-o and got lined up for the thing. It was a version of something I did at the County earlier this month except there was less talking. We would do 10 reps of an exercise rifle carry the coupon across the parking lot, do one of the following in order (so 3 rounds)–sprint, bear crawl, bernie sanders–back to the coupon and perform said exercise until the 6 got back. We did the following exercises–


Coupon Swings



Upright Rows (not really everyone just did bent over rows)

Curls (15 reps)

There may have been a total of 5 sprints ran during the sprinting portion of the workout. I know I’m not fast and somehow ended up front a lot. At one point it appeared as if I split the group into those who hate bear crawls but will do them and those who hate bear crawls and aren’t going to do them. Most of that group just walked except for Wham he modified to Lunge Walks. At that point I just took out the bear craw and went to sprints then. Which ended up being walking instead of sprinting. At one point probably the 14 iteration in Old Bay found himself way out in front of everyone. That’s because he did one of the 5 sprints when he was supposed to be doing a rifle carry.

We were wrapping up when the inside workout group was getting there, I’m sure they liked the sounds of Wu-Tang and Pac and got a little extra out of their workout. We put our coupons up and then headed to the flag (apparently there hadn’t been a flag there in weeks so I felt special) for some Mary. We did some Gas Pumps and some Heart Breakers (new one for the Mutt). We had a little bit over a minute left but since I like the Mutt and want to Q there again I ended the workout early but not like Fructose did when he didn’t know how long the workout was. We worked hard for 42 minutes or so this morning. Ok maybe we worked for 42 minutes but not necessarily hard. Ok we were there for 42 minutes and we at least had to pick up coupons and move them. Everyone did a really good job on 2nd F and were prompt by Mutt standards.

We closed with Cor, NoR, announcements and intentions. Announcements included Meter revealing himself as the Ghost Q for Mary T tomorrow and the 3rd Anal Mutt Awards are next Friday. We prayed for Windshields family as well. I thanked the HIM for having me out and F3 for letting me know these guys. I’ll be back before next January for sure. We closed with a moment of silence (guarantee this was the hardest thing they did all day but they did it) and then went about our days. Side note, wonder if I could have done the everyone be quiet Q at the Mutt? No way, never mind.

Was great to get out and lead this morning,


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