BB-Pelican Q the Loco at the County 2/23/2021

I picked this Q up as a way to help Hush Puppy out with both the hole in his foot and that he left on the calendar. Not a ton of time to plan what we were going to but most PAX would say that it doesn’t appear I plan what I’m going to do anyway. I got there a bit early after picking up Tidwell, who was in his garage with all the lights on when I got there. I assume he slept out there but I didn’t confirm it. He definitely slept out there. Set up some cones that apparently the wind blew out of place (I’m sure someone moved them, I would have moved them). 12 PAX showed up and were ready to work. We waited a bit for Airplane but my guess is he didn’t want us to be at an unlucky # so he stayed home. PAX that were there were-

Ladybird (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Jerry Maguire
Brown Water (FNG)
Meter Maid
Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer and made sure to include what should be part of the standard disclaimer to watch out for black ice. Black ice had taken PAX out at and around the County for the last 3 days. Black ice is most dangerous when you least expect it to be there. Black ice would also be a bad ass FNG name. I’m sad that its almost spring and I can’t talk as much about black ice as I’d like to. Or I can but it will just be weird to warn about it when its 75 degrees. Enough about black ice, for now.

We ran around the county until we got to the front lot, which has an enormous pile of snow out there. Which could produce some black ice if we get some cold mornings soon, so be sure to check for black ice out front if its cold. We circled up for COP and we did ….

Grass Grabbers

Toy Soldiers

SSH (2 w/MM cadence)

Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps

Downward Dog and Stuff–which was entertaining to listen to Meter Maid splain to Dauber the rules of downward dog and stuff. Maybe more like guidelines than rules but we all agreed he was right. Ask him about it sometime, not enough room in the backblast to spell it out here.

We ran back to where we left our coupons and I told the PAX to remember their number from the first count off. They didn’t, but that’s ok as they didn’t need to since it didn’t matter. We did count off by 4s and split up into 4 corners of the parking lot for the Thang. At each corner you had to do one minute of an exercise and then had 30 seconds to get to the next station to do another minute of the same exercise until you hit all 4 corners. If it was a coupon exercise your coupon went with you, for the walk the shorter way aligning with the parking spots you had to rifle carry your coupon. The exercises were as follows-


Man Makers

Jump Squats


Calf Raises (one set)

I had a brief moment of panic as my timer wasn’t working at first. Someone, think it was Giesle, asked if I had ever Q’d before. I’m pretty sure even though Gisele said it that Dauber put him up to it. Lent started and he has to cut back on his digs at me so he has others do it. I guess that counts for something. By the end the rifle carries were hard. Also by the end it was clear that I had made my most inclusive play list yet. Jerry Maguire is a big fan of “Wagon Wheel”, who knew. I even had a song that Dauber like. Meter and I are big Jack Harlow fans and I believe there were a couple of songs that Emma liked.

We circled up with a few minutes left for some Mary. I think we did Gas Pumps, Heart Breakers (led by Gisele) and then 26 Merkins led by Jerry Maguire. Well he did 26 Merkins and maybe a few others did, I did not. After all the burpees and man makers I think I got to 18 or so before struggling. Dang I guess Darius had him pumped up. Mary smelled a lot better than usual this morning, not sure why but most likely because Backflop was working out in Roanoke in jeans.

We did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. Thanked everyone for coming out and went out to crush the day.

As always, humbled to lead.


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