2.27.21 Back Blast – The Fog w/ Jewel

Saturday mornings at The Fog are awesome. Especially when it is sunny outside. Yesterday was not that day. So we just got to work.
Weather: Foggy and a little wet. 45ish degrees.
Jitterbug (R)
Number 2 (R)
Hot Wheels
Meter Maid
Jewel Q

Disclaimer given. Not a professional. Pandemic – stay at appropriate distance to the next man. Modify as needed, but don’t cheat the work.

SSH IC x 25
Toy Soldiers
Abe Vigodas
Downward Dog
Runners Stretches
Michael Phelps

Thang 1 – Run the Egg Lawn Loop
At every .1 mile marker, stop and performed 10 8-count body builders and 10 squats. At about .3 for us we ran in to Nice and Slow and Catfish who were running… like the true beasts they are, they joined up for a quick 10 body builders. On to the next. Total = .7 miles, 70 8-Count Body Builders and 70 Squats. Not a bad warm up.

Thang 2 – Jack Webb 1:4 w/ Curl to Press and Walking Lunges with the coupon
We turned on some tunes and got after this one in the coupon lot. This was a straight grinder. I can’t recall exactly what Minnow said, but was something to the effective of deceptively one of the harder things he’d done. Like the Grinch, my heart grew 3 sizes. 4-24 on the lunges was easy. Once you got to the 28-40 range, it sucked something terrible.

Thang 3 – 7s w/ manmakers and toddler squats
We stayed in the coupon lot for this. Pretty straightforward here – manmakers on one end – run down to the oppo end and perform the toddler squats (PAX were reminded to get low unless they had bad knees- don’t cheat the work).
T-Claps to F-Stop. He was damn near in sprint mode. You could see it in his face how hard he was working. It was great to hear all of the encouragement and recognition the PAX threw his way.

We finished the 3 with more time than I thought we would have, but that’s ok… I had a little finisher in my back pocket just in case… (this may or may not have been stolen from someone else)

To Finish – 60 Second AMRAP w/ active recovery
1. Curls – run to the oppo end and back
2. Tricep Ext – run to the oppo end and back
3. Thrusters – run to oppo end and back
4. Squats – Bernie to oppo end and run back
5. Manmakers – Bernie to oppo end and run back

We threw in a couple 10 counts in the mix to keep us all from collapsing. Mosey’d back to the flag and got there at 0800 sharp.
Extremely proud of this group. Like I mentioned in the Preblast – there wouldn’t be much room for mumblechatter. And thanks to the hard work of every HIM in attendance there wasn’t, but there was lots of hard work. And I can’t properly communicate my appreciation for the men that showed up and allowed me to lead them, allowed me to work beside them. It’s an honor and a priveledge every time.

Announcements: Dare to Care 3.13 – shooting for the 1800 box mark.

Intentions – Kilo’s dad. F-Stops uncle. and as always, those that are held internal.

Until next time.

SYITG – Jewel

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