BB: The O! or the Mutt… no that’s not right; the O! “Captain we have a problem”…

Well me mateys. It appears I had a little too much rum last night and steer me vessel off course. She landed a few degrees, some direction off; making port at the O in the wee hours of the morn.

Ok enough of this pirate/lepechraun talk.

I messed up and a few kind souls helped me fall gracefully. I want to shout out to Tammy Fay for giving me his Q at the O, literally, at 0529! What a HIM!!!! After running up to the rally point and seeing many PAXs and nary a one with a coupon it began to dawn on me that I had made a mistake.

Big shout out to DiGiorno for Delivering a back up Q at the Mutt. I owe beers all around. Sounds like y’all had an epic showing tho. 22!!

Anyway. 9 HIMs were present at the O this morning for a hypertrophy w/o.

Vincent, Tammy Fay, Handbook, Number2, FloJoe, Jitterbug, Violet, Tron, Focker (Q).

Disclaimers made, with many snorts and giggles, we moseyed around the tennis courts and circled up for 25 merkins and a quick countorama. With each HIM now sporting a coupon we hurried over to the backlot and basketball courts where the ship awaited.

A circuit of heavy themed exercises were present and we set sail. All HIMs took positions throughout the ship and did the exercise before them. We rotated counter clockwise, under heavy winds and high seas, each minute changing ups our exercises as we went. 10 exercise stations in all. At 0550 we did a 9 man rally of Mary solicited from each HIM. Mostly core was chose with some burpees thrown in for good measure. And then back to our duty stations for another circuit of ten heavy exercises. (note the exercises will not be discussed here as this w/o will soon be repeated at the appropriate port of call).

At 0610 we came ashore, shouldered our coupons and hustled back to the rally point for some stretching and time was called.

Announcements D2C is coming up check slack for more information, keep an eye out for kids workout at Holy Trinity (can’t remember what its called), and there is a water bucket challenge workout soon coming again check slack for more information. This is a fundraising event for charitable donations going to organizations that help those in need of fresh and clean drinking water, as best I understand it. The rum is still lingering.

Intentions made for all those suffering from the flooding in Paintsville and many unspoken. We lifted up those spoken and unspoken and ended with an Our Father.

Welp, lets see how long this little screw up sticks with me! I am humbled and honored to meet each one of you men in the early morning Time after time. Thank you to all those who bore my mistake this am and made the best of it. I know of no better group of HIMs that can turn lemons into lemonade.

Thank you Tammy Fay and DiGiorno.

Focker Over Out

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