3/4/21 Backblast @ Bayside for Legs By F-Stop

10 HIMS cranked up the leg work this morning. After a COP stretch session, we went to work.

Started by traversing the back lot stopping at every light post alternating each time with 20 jump squats or 20 jump lunges. Ran back the length of lot and did it a second time

Next round we chatted with Jack Webb. 1 Toddler Squat and 4 walking lunges all the way up to 10/40

We finished with 11’s. 10 burpees and one box jump, 9 and 2 and so forth….

The Q sustained a quad injury and finished with one leg burpees, not as easy as it might sound 😉

At the COT, Birdie reminded the group that he must approve all workouts ahead of time

Playlist ranged from Smoke on the Water to Ring of Fire

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