Diablo BackBlast for The Vet 3/5/21

Q: Diablo

PAX: (20) Hot Wheels, Yoshi, Whitney, Old Bay, Wedding Singer, Gollum, Violet, Meatball, Cousin Eddie, Bunghole, Gringo, Meter Maid; Pelican, Back Flop, Worm, Kilo, Tony Malito, Do Rag (FNG), Pop Up (FNG), Diablo (Q)

Not that I ever went away “physically,” but YHC is back in full and officially in “go mode,” getting ready for a summer HTL event and in the mood to kick every day’s butt from here forward. Hell, I’m even writing a BackBlast.

YHC started it off early this morning, meeting Hot Wheels, Yoshi, and Whitney at 0445 for a sandbag beatdown circuit that consisted of:

10 Sandbag Cleans

10 Sandbag Rows

10 Sandbag Back Squat

10 Sandbag Overhead Press

10 Push Ups (no sandbag)

Run a 1/2 loop (no sandbag)

AMRAP for 30 minutes.

I don’t know how many rounds we got in. Hot Wheels spent time on bag repair, and I’m pretty sure Yoshi got in a few more reps than I did.

After that, we set up a prison-yard-style gym of sorts. Concrete blocks, a curl bar from 1978, dumbbells, sandbags, a jump rope, weighted ruck sacks, and a kettlebell were all involved. Yes, this was essentially an unannounced Heavy. The PAX rotated through AMRAP sets of:



Shoulder Presses

Jump Rope

Sandbag Squats

Sandbag Deadlifts

Kettlebell Swings

Resistance Band Rows

Barbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Also involved here was a pit within said prison yard where PAX that weren’t at a station alternated between big boy sit ups, planks, flutter kicks, pickle pounders, and Freddie Mercuries. (The heck is the spelling of the plural of Freddie Mercury here?) Word is Kilo whispered sweet nothings gently into Meatball’s ear during pickle pounders. God imagine him trying to fall asleep tonight thinking about that.

The mumble-chatter was turned up to 11 today, even for The Vet, but the PAX (for the most part) absolutely got after it. I’d also warned earlier that things would be loud and not-PG this morning because I was in a mood, so the playlist that accompanied this nonsense included cuts from Tech N9ne, Gizzle, Lil’ Wayne, Southpaw Swagger, Soulja Boy, Travis Barker, Chamillionaire, DMX, and Linkin Park. Warning stickers abound there. But, if you’re showing up at one of YHC’s Qs at The Vet of all places I’ll assume you’re not easily offended.

After 40 minutes or so of that, the PAX circled up for 20 IC LBCs to close it out.

We then turned to COR and NOR, during we which we welcomed two FNGs – Pop Up and Do Rag. It must be noted that these two FNGs earned serious respect this morning. They walked into an absolute firestorm of work and classic Vet-style shit talk. I mean, they heard me call Worm a f*****g c**k within the first 5 minutes, and I think Violet and Cousin Eddie were both talking out loud, which is enough on most mornings to require a crying game style shower. (Fortunately, no corn dogs were given away this morning, so hopefully we see the FNGs again.)

We then made announcements and discussed intentions. Within the intention category, I asked the PAX to find time for gratitude, and to meditate on what is and is not within his control. Those things actually within your control, which are fewer than we think – – focus on those!

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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