BB: Bayside W/O Bounce Back

HIMs. 10 men gathered together today to strengthen and condition body, mind, soul and spirit.

Squid, Charlee(R), Banana Bread, Schotsky, Mr.Mom, Borland(r), ShuttleCock(R), Ruby(R), Birdie, Focker(Q).

Theme for todays workout was being DANGEROUS! As men, we have been designed, by our creator to be strong, be courageous and be dangerous. We are the protectors of our family and of innocence. If we get knocked down, we get back up. Thusly we should be strong, conditioned, and explosive at getting back on our feet.

0530 warmup consisted of SSH, TS, DD, Merkins, and HitIts.

0540 we quickly transitioned to the core training. Getting back up. 11s with burpees x10 sprint 50 yards BEARs x1back and forth and so it goes till the flip. Once first 11 set completed, we Bear Crawled 100 yards and began second set of 11s. WMDs x10 sprint 50 yards BigBoys x1 back and forth and so it goes till the flip.

0600 Called a 15 sec breather and moseyed over to the track for 100 yard sprint repeats all you got with a mosey back thru the football training arms.

0615 Time

Rally around the stars and bars. COR all present and accounted for, NOR.

Little discussion amongst the HIMs about the importance of not only being physically conditioned and strong at getting back up; also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Flood relief effort continues check slack and/or reach to Fungi for more information

New mother, who chose life, Burpee Challenge till the 30th to raise funds for mom and baby. Check Slack and/or reach to Jewel for more information

Monthly Ruck Waterstep Check slack for details.


Banana Bread is closing on new home tomorrow praying for a smooth transition to his ownership and many blessings from the Lord. Lifted all unspoken to the Sky Q. Closed with an Our Father.

Humbly grateful to have had the opportunity to lead you men today. Thank you HIMs.

Focker Over Out

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