BB The Fog at The Posh – 3.13.21 – NattyLite

The theme for the day was kill your clone. A concept I recently heard that I thought perfectly represented the you vs you mentality of F3. My elementary understanding of “killing your clone” is to measure yourself against yourself yesterday. The goal each day should be to kill your clone from yesterday – be it by improving with exercise or some other means. We can continually struggle as our clone tries to take us down with laziness, the snooze button, etc. We can continually challenge and improve ourselves via daily changes in the right direction via faith, fitness, fellowship, family, professional, etc.

We started with a typical warm up: SSH, Imp Walkers, DD, LL, RR. Jumped into the workout below.

The intention with the workout is that each set challenges you to beat your clone from the previous set. Round 4 challenges you to beat the clone that just completed rounds 1-3.

Most HIMs were able to get this work done in an hour – very impressive.

Closed out with announcements, intentions, Our Father.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Cheers ~NattyLite 🍻

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