PB – Natty Lite – Cloverfield @ The Garden – 1/12/13

While Friday the 13th is my actual bday, we will be celebrating at Cloverfield tomorrow. We may see a little rain, but temps should be fine. On my wish list – a group of HIMs to enjoy an old fashioned Garden beatdown. Gloves, shoes, and a can do attitude will be needed. SYITG @ 0530Continue reading “PB – Natty Lite – Cloverfield @ The Garden – 1/12/13”

BB – Natty Lite – Cliffs @ The Garden – 1/3/23

Kick off w a run in the rain, coupon run to some slightly drier ground, COP. Progressive workout today at the Garden. Beginning at 10 reps of big boys, curls, OH press, squats, and teapots. Followed by a run around talladega which included bear crawls, bernies, and lunges. We close out a little better andContinue reading “BB – Natty Lite – Cliffs @ The Garden – 1/3/23”

BB – North Posh – 9.12.22 NattyLite

Tried not to kill anyone prior to tomorrows Ironpax – balanced ladder workout with a little yogging. COP Followed by 10 Burpee, 20 Saturday Night (40 total), 30 Merkins, 40 Dips, 50 Squats – up and back ladder – running out to 5 stations, distance increasing 100 ft per round, with 10, 20, 30, 40,Continue reading “BB – North Posh – 9.12.22 NattyLite”

PB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 9.2.22 – NattyLite

Some people know me as the guy that changed The Baptizer from 60 minutes to 45 minutes. The innovation continues tomorrow at The Garden as we engage in a rare (mostly) flatlands heavy. Running will be minimal, no hills, won’t be easy. You vs you opportunity at 0530. Gloves recommended. SYITG~NattyLite

BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 7.1.22 – NattyLite

Delivered on my promise that all running would be downhill – but making your way up the hill still proved difficult. 6 gathered at the one and only Garden. Took my Goshen workout and modified to tailor it to The Baptizer. Following some stretch, we gathered at the base of the Baptizer – each roundContinue reading “BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 7.1.22 – NattyLite”

PB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 7.1.22 – NattyLite

You probably have plans this weekend, you might even be rucking tomorrow night. Challenge yourself to a double header Friday or at least earn those holiday beverages. Tomorrow will be in the low 70s, wind will be at your back, and any running will be downhill. But it won’t mean easy. Join me. Garden –Continue reading “PB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 7.1.22 – NattyLite”

BB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light

Weather was perfect in the low 60s. 12 HIMs gathered for a workout but found themselves trapped in a torturous Jack Webb Circuit. Disclaimer given, SSHs, grass grabbers, imperial walkers, DD/LoR/LfLh/Tuck/DD/RoL/RfRh/Tuck, kendra neumans / phelps while the thang was described. The Thang: At the starting line, at the beginning of each round, 5 Manmakers, 30Continue reading “BB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light”

PB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light

It’s The Garden in Goshen week out at BO Goshen. Yours truly tomorrow, 6/21, and Jewel on Thursday, 6/23. Garden style beatdowns will be had by all. Please join me tomorrow in a dark parking lot at 0530 to get bigger, stronger, faster, and/or simply better. Coupons will be needed. Running will be minimal. NeverContinue reading “PB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light”

☘️The Garden☘️ Birthday Convergence

On Saturday The Garden turns 3. On behalf of my fellow Q’s, Frosted Tips and Latex, the men of The Garden, I’d like to invite you out to celebrate. No gifts are required, only an above average desire to get better. No punches will be pulled on Saturday morning. Should you hold down the merlotContinue reading “☘️The Garden☘️ Birthday Convergence”

BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 8.27.21 – NattyLite

Q School Day 5 @ The Garden was a good time. 15 HIMs conquered a pretty decent core focused workout. The Thangs: COP – SSH, Imperial Walkers, DD, LoR/LL/LR/RoL/RR/RL Thang 1 – Lower Lot Route Kraken Indian Run Thang 2 – Jack Webb Ghidorah / Bear Crawl (1:4) up the Baptizer Thang 3 – DORA:Continue reading “BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 8.27.21 – NattyLite”

BB Cloverfield ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 6.3.21 – NattyLite 1 Year Postiversary

Today for my 1 year postiversary, we celebrated in style with a couple rounds of 173 reps – the number of posts I joined in the past year. Warm Up: SSH, Imp Walkers, DD/LoR/LL/RoL/RR The Thang: Starting at the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls we proceeded with a clockwise mosey around campus –Continue reading “BB Cloverfield ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 6.3.21 – NattyLite 1 Year Postiversary”

BB The Fog at The Posh – 3.13.21 – NattyLite

The theme for the day was kill your clone. A concept I recently heard that I thought perfectly represented the you vs you mentality of F3. My elementary understanding of “killing your clone” is to measure yourself against yourself yesterday. The goal each day should be to kill your clone from yesterday – be itContinue reading “BB The Fog at The Posh – 3.13.21 – NattyLite”