BB The Patriot – BO @ La Grange 03.22.21

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. The Patriot is the hottest BO in the area and already is gaining quit a following.

After getting beat down by Le Pew’s nuclear recently, I had the idea to find something else that could be done with the nuclear inspiration. Knowing this was Holy Roller’s stomping grounds, I had an idea of something that may work.

I showed up a little early to recon the area. I found a well lit lot and decided to implement Heartbreak Hill. The weinke was set and I was ready to get this show on the road.

While we waited on the clock, FOCKER was a few spots down from me exploring his newly created Slack account, Holy Roller moseyed in from home, Backflop, Yankovic and Boss Hog rounded out the PAX of 6 for the day.

At 05:30 we circled up and stretched it out. We wrapped up a variety of typical stretches and took a short mosey to the lot just below the skate park.

Thang 1
We circled up again for Nuclear Burpees. At the mention of it, I think Holy Roller’s heart grew two sizes. The burpee was broken into a 6 count exercise. 10 reps of the full six count, 10 reps of the four count (burpee without the merkin), 10 reps of the 2 count (squat down hands on the ground and jump up ‘n’ clap) 10 reps of the overhead clap. Next we did 9 reps of each, 8 reps and on down to a round with just 1. Apparently I sounded like I was dying after the 8 rep round and Backflop offered to pick up the cadence calling. I took the round of 7 and passed off the round of 6. After Backflop, FOCKER picked up a round, Holy roller and Yankovic also stepped in a took the lead for a round. Turns out, Nuclear Burpees are brutal and an pretty extreme cardio routine.

Before the next thang, we took a mosey down Heartbreak Hill and back up. The guys that finished first came back and picked up the six.

Thang 2
We lined up on one side of the parking lot with a multisided dice. We rolled the dice, did the exercise, sprinted halfway across the lot, Bernie Sanders back, karaoke all the way down the lot and karaoke back. Roll again, rinse and repeat. Holy Roller tried to pick his own side so we could all do 20 more burpees. We vetoed his roll and took the dice away from him. A couple rounds later the Backflop rolled the dice and FOCKER emphatically stomp the dice to a stop as it tried to meander its way down the parking lot. The stomp just happened to land on 20 burpees. Holy Roller was happy, FOCKER was looking forward to the extra work and the mere mortals of the group powered through these while trying not to die.

At 06:13, we moseyed back to the statue for a couple minutes of Mary.

At 06:15 we circled ’round the flag for COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. Well done men! It was an honor to lead and to be inspired by each of you.

Until Next Time,


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