BB: The Mutt 23March21

21 men posted yesterday at the Mutt and crushed their demons!

Pope, SumpPump, Plumbbob, OneNut, Deuce, Tiger, Flare (R), Goodman, LarryFlint, Whamo, SoftTop, PeepingTom, Windshield, Busch, Fridge, OldBay, FallGuy, Ball Boy, PalmOlive, Blueprint, Focker (Q)

Starting with SSH we warmed up with highknees, mario, lunge walk, dd, merkins, lap around the campus.

We fell in a line at the soccer fields and faced the opposite field goal and our opposition, weakness. We began 11s with burpees10 sprint to opposite side Bears1 back and forth to the flip.

Once completed we tushed the wall and did wall sets with coupon overhead alternating to wall hand stands. We held these positions till the six and then headed back to the soccer field.

We formed once again a line and began second set of 11s with WMDs10 sprint to opposite side for BigBoys1 so on and so forth till the flip.
Again those completed rushed to the wall and held the position, waiting on the six, all the while crushing demons!

Once the six completed we circled up for Mary. Core work was the choice of the morning and quickly after beginning time was called.

Rally around the… parking lot…

COR 21 PAX present and accounted for. NOR.


I don’t remember any being discussed however am very thankful to have led you men in the AM. The most important time of our day started off right. I am humbled to be with you men!


SlimJim, Tom Derring, and many others unspoken. Closed with prayer.

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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