BB: The Nest V-DAY!!!

Communication from the front lines have been slow due to overwhelming attempts by the enemy to delay the inevitable report.

At 0753 Holy Roller crossed the victory podium after having defeated the enemy. Focker and the rest followed shortly thereafter with a surge in moral from Holy Rollers victory! The men of F3 Louisville are victorious. A decisive win for the team!

Lets back up tho and get all the requisite mumbo jumbo outta the way.

11 HIMs reported for duty and made last minute equipment checks. PCCs and PCIs were completed.


0700 We established our Operational Rally Point (ORP), disclaimers made and warmup began. All the usual plus a new warmup exercise (elf on the shelf without a coupon, touching the side of the foot and coming all the way up and across) was made. Pelican named it, Warno.

0710 made a patrol (warmup lap) around the campus. The Q sprinted ahead as an advanced element (the point man) where he made contact with the enemy about .5 a mile in. The enemy had, again, laid in a deliberate ambush and initiated the ambush with their most casualty producing weapon; the Firecracker. As the patrol rushed into position the work began.

A ladder style workout.


The men encountered withering fire and sporadic effective indirect fires. Smoke began rolling across the battlefield. The enemy began flanking maneuvers however that was anticipated and we lifted and shifted support by fire, as we advanced thru the enemy lines.

Although the men spent more time in the kill zone, each man fought honorably and were successful.

Boy am I glad this one is over. A tough enemy for sure (may return upon request) and the theatrics surrounding the whole shindig, phew!

0800 Time called

We returned to our ORP and rallied around the stars and bars that flew proudly over the battlefield!

Announcements: Monthly Ruck coming up on the 17th, Fockers Birthday. Its a beer ruck hmmmmm… Happy Birthday Yankovic!!! Cochran has an awesome mustache! Other announcements were made however my blood was still returning to my brain and I can’t recall them.

Intentions: Husky, SlimJim, Huggies family, and FNG outta FL. Many unspoken. On bended knee we spent the most important 2 minutes of our morning in prayer and thanks to our Lord.

We stood for the flag, and were dismissed from the ORP. This one is sure to go down in the history books. Well maybe not…

Carpe Diem men. Always grateful and proud to lead you men. Thank you for the opportunity!

Focker Over Out

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